Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 376
Series : #1 Halting State
Format : Science Fiction Crime Novel
Reason for Reading : Recommendation from my husband

In a nutshell it's a science fiction crime drama about a robbery in a virtual MMO world. Unexpectedly a bunch of Orcs storm the main bank in the game and make off with €26 million worth of items which is supposed to be impossible. Sorting out the mess is Scottish Police Sergeant Sue Smith, Forensic Accountant Elaine and Programmer and Gaming Expert Jack. It's their job to find out what happened, track down the items and generally save the day.

It's set about 10 years in the future from now. Technology is similar to what we have now but just taken to the next level. People use their phones to order taxis, get around and many other useful tasks. They also wear glasses that enhance their vision and connect them to the technology grid. You can totally see a lot of the ideas coming true in a few more years. Anyway, back to the plot. It seems there is much to the robbery than the item theft. Could it be a cover up of a much larger conspiracy? How far does said conspiracy reach?

It took me a little while to get into the novel as it's told completely in second person e.g. you enter the room and in front of you is a white desk with a computer monitor on it type stuff etc. It reads like either a choose-your-own-adventure or an episode of Knightmare (anyone else remember this awesome tv show?). Once I did though I actually enjoyed it much more than I was expecting. The characters (especially Elaine and Jack) were really well developed and I cared about what happened to them. The plot was quite complex but to be fair it wasn't solving the crime that kept me hooked. It was more getting caught up in the world and the techno speak. A lot of it went over my head, but some of the references to geek culture were awesome! It made me feel more intelligent just reading it.


Kailana said...

I am rather curious about Charles Stross but I have never read him before.

Rhinoa said...

He writes a lot of different types of books all I think with a sic-fi twist to them. I aim to read Rule 34 which is set in the same universe as this before the end of the month.

Susan said...

I must read this author! Bride of the Book God has been reading him for a while now, and I keep picking him up and then deciding to try him at the library, and then never remember when I'm there. Even though it's on my TBR list! I like your last comment, 'it made you feel more intelligent just reading it'. LOL!!! Sci-fi does that to me too....

Susan said...

Bride of the Book God posted about this book a few years ago and brought him to my attention. I keep meaning to read it, and get sidetracked. It's always been on my radar, and your review reminds me that this would be a good year to read this! Lol I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. It does sound good.