Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 294
Series : #4 Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon
Format : Urban Fantasy Novel
Reason for Reading : To continue with the series, 12 in 12 Challenge

I went straight into the fourth book after reading Darkling and this time the story is narrated by Camille. She's a witch dedicated to The Moon, but as she's half human her spells have a tendency to backfire. Her story is a little complicated as she is a little free with the men. Her main partner is Trillian who is absent on a dangerous mission for the majority of the book. Along with Trillian she has a triad with Morio, a fox demon. Her third lover is Smokey who shifts into a dragon with whom she has a pact. In this instalment he finally claims his first night with her and she gets to "ride a dragon"!

The main plot centres around Camille receiving a visit from a unicorn and the legendary black unicorn horn to help in the fight against Shadowing (the main over arcing villain) and a powerful Earthside demon named Karvanak who is after a newly surfaced spirit seal. Also in the background you have Morgaine trying to resurrect the Faerie Courts and become Queen herself. If it sounds complicated, it is. This was one thing I disliked about the novel, there was too much plot and not really enough time to sort through it all.

Camille is my least favourite of the three sisters. I don't really get where she is coming from which I think is part of the problem. She is half strong and powerful, owning her sexuality. On the other hand she seems quite happy to let her men control her and tie her down. Every now and then she will throw a hissy fit and one will be there there little Witch, don't get your knickers in a twist. On the plus side the book had a unicorn in it (he could have been in it more though, again too much plot and not enough time to spend with the characters besides Camille) so I'm sold!


Susan said...

How many series does the author have going? I have the bookstore series, if I have remembered the titles right. I would read any book with a unicorn in it too! lol So this was an ok read, right?

Brasil said...

This is not the first book in this series, and you will enjoy it more if you read the others first. The book just felt like I was watching half a season of "Charmed" in one sitting. Kind of fun, but not enough substance to overcome the stereotypes and predictable plot. If you liked the author's previous books, you will likely enjoy this as well.

Rhinoa said...

Yes Susan it was ok and the unicorns pop up gain later. I recommend you read the series from the beginning as it gets pretty confusing at times otherwise.