Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bookish Haul

I popped into town today for Harry Potter day to pick up a goodie bag (yes Mariel I got you one too) and took a detour to the book shop oops.

I got :

Finding Sky - Joss Stirling
Anno Dracula - Kim Newman (with a recommendation k. The spine from Neil Gaiman)
The Scarletti Curse - Christine Feehan (I really liked the cover and the blurb sounds interesting)
The Reluctant Mage - Karen Miller
Dark Heart Forever - Lee Monroe
Dark Heart Rising - Lee Monroe

Looking forward to getting stuck in!

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Friday, July 08, 2011

Format : Teenage Fiction, Urban Fantasy
Reason for Reading : iChallenge

Zoey is a normal teenager in highschool with a drunk boyfriend and regular BFF. Her life changes when she is marked by a vampyre tracker making her a fledgling vampire. No one knows why some people are marked and not others, but once you are you must move to the closed House of Night run by adult vampires. Fledglings get ill if they are away from adult vampires and if their body does not reject the change, they eventually transfrom into vampyres at some point themselves too (like a second pubity).

The series follows Zoey as she makes new friends and enemies, begins her worship of the Vampire Goddess Nyx and juggles a variety of different boys and men. Below is as vague a description of the first six books as I can manage to not give away any major plot or storylines.

Marked - 4.5/5

The main purpose is to introduce all the main characters and the House of Night including the rules, customs and set the main plot in motion. Zoey meets Stevie Rae who is to become her best friend and the bitchy Aphrodite. Aphrodite is immediately jealouse of Zoey and sets out to make life as difficult as she can for her. Zoey also finds out she has some unique powers.

Betrayed - 4.5/5

A series of murders has started happening and the victims are all people Zoey has a connection with from her old school. Zoey also starts to figure out what Nyx meant when she said all that is light is not good and all that is dark is not bad.

Chosen - 4.5/5

Things have taken a turn for the worse and Zoey struggles to help her best friend. She has three guys fighting over her and things between the vampyres and humans are starting to turn really nasty. The People of Faith (a right wing religious group) have never been comfortable with the Goddess worship of the vampyres and it's all getting ugly now.

Untamed - 5.0/5

Zoey has alienated all of her friends by not letting them get close to her and keeping information from them. The vampyres are trying to start a war with the humans and of her two friends left one is dead and the other a strange alliance... The main plot connecting the series is finally revealed and monsters from ages past are unleashed. We learn more about Zoey's Cherokee heritage.

Hunted - 4.0/5

Zoey and her friends are on the run from an immortal being who seems to have a connectoin to Zoey. The main problem is he seems to have some kind of mind control over the other fledglings and vampyres who can't see him for what he truely is. More of the legend is revealed.

Tempted - 4.5/5

Zoey has three men in her life again and Zoey begins to worry more about Stevie Rae. Aphrodite's visions are still not looking good and highlighting the connection between Zoey and the monster. By the end a lot more plot points are revealed and this is the first one to be told from viewpoints other than Zoey.

There are a lot of things I like about this series so far. I really enjoy the Goddess worship and pagan side. It's also a fun twist on the vampyre mythology plus it works well with the teenage and school setting. The first few books are definitely the best so far in the series as they blend the vampyre myths with regular humans and family relationships. It all gets a bit too bogged down in the supernatural side later on.

It's very well thought out with lots of little snippets of storylines along the way which all tie in as the books progress. My main crisicism though is that the side characters (especially Damien, Erin, Jack and Shaunee) are not fleshed out at all. They have very limited roles and only a few personality traits that fit a couple of small sterotypes. Overall though I really love these books and am looking forward to reading more.

Books in the series :

1. Marked
2. Betrayed
3. Chosen
4. Untamed
5. Hunted
6. Tempted
7. Burned
8. Awakened
9. Destined

Novellas (forthcoming) :

Dragon's Oath
Lenobia's Vow