Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 Challenges

I decided this year to do a single challenge post for the reading challenges I want to participate in next year.

Manga Challenge 2011 - Read 6 mangas minimum throughout 2011
Challenge with Nymeth - Read 3 books chosen by Nymeth
Challenge with Mariel - Read 3 books chosen by Mariel
Fairy Tale Challenge - Happily Ever After (Level 4). Read/watch any combination of original tales, modern tales, or films, resulting in 12 total selections
11 in 11 Challenge - Read stepped books in 11 categories (1 in the first category, 2 in the second etc).
Read 120 books in 2011
Series 5 Challenge - Read a minimum of 3 books to get up to date with a series
Graphic Novel Challenge - Expert Level, read a minimum of 10 graphic novels in 2011
RIP VI - Hopefully announced in September
OUAT - Hopefully announced around April time

I hope to stick to this list unless something really fun comes along... I am a challenge addict afterall! I will be keeping an updated list in my right sidebar again as it's good to cross books off as I read them.


Tif Sweeney said...

Welcome to the Fairy Tale Challenge! I am so excited to have you join in and look forward to hearing about what you read! Heck, it will give me options of what to read myself!!

BTW, I'm participating in the Graphic Novel Challenge too! If you ever have any recommendations there, please let me know!!

Alice said...

All the best! I'm not joining any this year but I might change my mind... I do have one that I committed in 2010 that finishes in 2011 so I will stick to that one.

mariel said...

Riiight...that means I need to pick three books soon then eh ;) xx

Susan said...

Hi Rhinoa and Happy New Year! I was hoping I could escape your challenge list (I read it on a dare with myself) and have failed.....Fairy Tale Challenge and Series Challenge are calling my name!! lol

Kailana said...

We should exchange a book list some time. I think it would be fun to see what you picked. :)

I think I might have to join the Fairy Tale Challenge...

So you are doing the manga challenge again? I didn't do it in 2010, but I would like to try and read some more manga this year.

Lenore Appelhans said...

I love to read fairy tales...but I am not joining anymore challenges! NO!! ;)