Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mini Reviews 2

The rest of my overdue mini reviews as promised.

The Queen's Curse - Emma Harrison (Charmed)

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. Paige has met her Prince Charming. Literally. Problem is he's from a magical community and has to marry a magical being by his birthday or all the non magical beings in his world will die. He has fallen in love with a non magical girl but is willing to put that aside to save his world. Can Paige live with their deaths, marry the Prince or find another alternative. ***

Living with the Dead - Kelley Armstrong

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. Robyn is a normal woman until she is wrongly wanted for the murder of her boss. Luckily her friend Hope and her boyfriend Karl are on hand to help out. They are more than they seem, Hope is a half demon who feeds on chaos and Karl is a werewolf thief. The person responsible for the murder is a clairvoyant and part of a magical commune trying to hide from the Cabals. Dark and compelling. *****

Buffy 8 v7 - Joss Whedon

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. The penultimate graphic novel in the latest series of Buffy which carries on from where the television show finished. The identity of Twilight is revealed finally. This was pretty rubbish to be honest. The cover gives away a major plot point and I was really unimpressed. *

Cosmic - Frank Cottrell Boyce

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. A tale of Liam, an 11 year old from Liverpool who looks much older than he is. He manages to get on a spaceship as the responsible adult with a group of children which gets into trouble. Hillarious! *****

Lamb - Christopher Moore

Read for Mariel's Challenge. The gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal. What to say, it's excellent and follows Biff and Christ from infancy to the time of Christ's death. I gave it to my husband to read after I was done and I think he enjoyed it even more that I did. *****

Picture Perfect - Cameron Dokey (Charmed)

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. The Charmed Ones attend the opening of Mural House which was a landmark building inhabited by artists with a troubled history. A love affair went wrong and William disappeared with Isobella dying not long afterwards. On discovery of a hidden mural by Isobella a new evil is released and it is up to the sisters to stop the killings. ****

The Other Hand - Chris Cleave

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. The back of the book says not to tell anyone about the story suffice to say it involves a refugee and a couple she met in Africa. It was ok, nothing great though. **

Frostbitten - Kelley Armstrong

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. Elena and Clay are werewolves and are sent to Alaska to track down a fleeing young rogue werewolf and investigate some potential wolf killings. Things become very complicated very quickly with wolves from Russia and something else lurking in the woods. *****

The Eternal Kiss - Various

Read for Short Story Challenge. A selection of short stories all about vampires. My favourite was The Coldest Girl in Cold Town by Holly Black. It;s about a girl who has been infected with the vampire virus. She is trying not to drink human blood for the required number of days to stop from becoming a vampire. A guy comes to her for help as his sister and her boyfriend have disappeared. ****

Derik's Bane - MaryJanice Davidson

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. Novel about the werewolves from the Queen Betsy books. Derik is becoming an alpha and fighting with his pack leader. He is sent on a mission to save the world by meeting up with the reincarnation of Morgan Le Fey. Problem is they have instant chemistry so he may not be able to complete his mission. ****

Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things - Ted Naifeh

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. Recommended by Darla D, this is a gothic graphic novel where Courtney Crumrin moves in with her parents to her spooky grandfathers house. Very similar to the Nightmare and Fairy Tales series. ****

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mini Reviews

So yes I'm mega behind updating my blog. Again! I figured I would just do some mini (really mini reviews) until the end of this year just to get back up to date and then start blogging again regularly in January.

Shakespeare's Trollop - Charlaine Harris

Read for Cozy Mystery Challenge. The fourth Lily Bard murder mystery where one of Lily's clients is found dead in the woods. It looks like a crime of passion and she was known to be a little free and easy with the love. On investigating it looks like it may have been staged. ****1/2

Lucinda, Dangerously - Sunny

Read for the Series Challenge. The second book about the Demon Princess Lucinda. Great dark fantasy similar to Anne Bishops Black Jewels series. Someone is after Lucinda and she must protect her new family of mixed beings. ****

Dancing Girls - Margaret Atwood

Read for the Short Story Challenge and 10 10 10 Challenge. A series of short stories by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. Each one follows a different person and is a short snap shot into their life. Some are narrated by men but all feature women in a prominent role. ***1/2

The White Cat - Holly Black

Read for the RIP V Challenge. The first in a new series for adults which is set in our world but as if magic was real and people who are able to use it are called curse workers. Cassel is part of a family of curser workers but doesn't have magic of his own. He did a terrible thing asa child which he can barely remember and the events come back to haunt him. *****

Shakespeare's Counsellor - Charlaine Harris

Read for RIP Challenge. The final in this murder mystery series where Lily Bard finally starts seeing a counsellor for her rape, but one of the other members is found murdered and she starts to unravel the mystery. *****

Undead and Unfinished - MaryJanice Davidson

Read for the RIP V Challenge. The newest Queen Betsy book which sees the series back on form. Betsy and her sister Laura go to hell to learn more about the Book of the Dead and Laura's heritage. Lots of secrets are revealed when they meet their future selves and it ends with an excellent twist. ****1/2

Ruined - Paula Morris

Read for the RIP V Challenge. A ghost story set in New Orleans in the Garden District. I bought it while I was on holiday there and loved reading all about places I had been. Suspense with lots of twists, definitely recommended. ****

Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr

Read for the 10 10 10 Challenge. The first in a series of urban faeries. Aislinn has always been able to see faeries but pretends not to so they don't bother her. Faeries are dark and dangerous and the Summer Prince Keenan decides that Aislinn is his new Bride and destined to help him become King. Many have gone before her and haven't been the one so have become the Winter Girl. Problem is Aislinn is in love with a mortal and doesn't want anything to do with the fey. *****

Brody's Ghost v1 - Mark Crillly

Read for the RIP V Challenge. A manga about a young bum who meets a ghost one day. She needs his help to move on and to help get over his ex girlfriend. An excellent mix of East meeting West. ****

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents - Terry Pratchet

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. What happens when a cat and a bunch of mice can talk and become conscious in the same way humans are? This fun novel! Bits of the Pied Piper and Pratchet's usual wit. ****

The Harp of the Grey Rose - Charles de Lint

Read for 10 10 10 Challenge. The first book published by CDL. Fantasy novel where a young man falls in love with a mysterious new girl. She isn't what she seems and is taken away by an evil being. He follows after the girl and a whole new adventure begins. The story evolves beyond the typical fantasy fare, but wasn't one of my favourites. ***1/2