Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Treasure Trove of Books

My Gran who I love dearly and is my favourite person in the world has just moved into a nursing home. I'm sad and happy at the same time. Happy as I don't have to worry about her hurting herself alone at home but sad as it's where she will be now until she dies.

Anyway my mum and I have started to sort through her house and began with her books. She has some beautiful ones and my mum bagged a signed Rudyard Kipling first edition with beautiful illustrations as well as a first edition Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens with plates not pictures by the wonderful Arthur Rackham.

I found The Little White bird by JM Barrie which is a lovely second edition. I also discovered Gullivers Travels with Arthur Rackham illustrations. It's not the plates like my mum found but is sill beautiful.

My real treasure was finding a first edition, numbered and signed copy of A Fairy Garland illustrated by Edmund Dulac. It's in amazing condition and is a collection of fairy tales translated from the French. I can't wait to read it and will make sure it stays in the family.

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Alice said...

Wow! Your Gran has some of the most wonderful collection of books I've ever seen. These are treasures! I'm sure she is in good hands at the nursing home. I think it is the right thing to do. There will be nice people taking good care of her there.

Lightheaded said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely find :)

chrisa511 said...

I have an elderly grandmother too that I worry about so much. I'm closer to her than anyone else in the family aside from my mom...It would be hard for me if she went into a nursing home so I can totally sympathize. *hugs* But what fantastic treasures she has!!! I see where the love of books comes from now :D I'm totally in love with the Rackham plates!!! He's just about my favorite artist ever. Those are so freaking incredible!!

Kailana said...

What beautiful books! You are so lucky!!

mariel said...

Oh they are so beautiful!

I know how hard it is making the final decision to move family into full time nursing care, but I'm sure that it is the best thing for her and your mum. Hope they and you are all ok.

Have a lovely weekend away xxx

Jill said...

Those are gorgeous - and what a wonderful thing to keep in your family and pass on. Hope you are doing okay - these things are so hard.