Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 217
Series : #28 Charmed
Format : Teenage Fiction, Witchcraft Novel
Reason for Reading : 10 10 10 Challenge

The three Charmed Sisters are all in need of a holiday and Paige is desperate to get them away from the Manor for a few weeks. She wants to visit Salem and Massachusetts and eventually the Piper and Phoebe agree so they set off with Leo and baby Wyatt as long as they can spend some time on the beach. Of course nothing runs smoothly and when their flights are delayed and they follow some bad directions which leads them to stay the night in a motel in a sleepy little town.

There is a mystery surrounding the town and the motel. The owners granddaughter is prone to fits and something magical seems to be at work. Plus the sisters are not sure that her grandmother is mistreating her. Not one to shy away from a problem they all follow different routes of investigation that lead them to the nearby Mystic Knoll which magnifies power. They find out the truth behind the towns stories about the motel owners which include a bad witch who cursed her daughter and many of the townsfolk before she died. Can the Charmed Ones stop the curse from coming into effect before the granddaughter is lost forever.

Lots of drama and excitement it was nice to have an adventure away from the Manor and San Francisco. It was good to meet a character who didn’t believe in magic despite being literally surrounded by it! I like the play on taking a superstition and making it truly magical and hidden behind a wall of science.

Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 152
Series : #29 Charmed
Format : Teenage Fiction, Witchcraft
Reason for Reading : 10 10 10 Challenge

The Charmed Ones are back and this book is set shortly after baby Wyatt is born. Piper is a new mum and wants to have it all. Spend time with her son, run P3 and be the eldest sister of The Charmed Ones. Something is going to have to give though as there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all three. Luckily Paige’s new temp job is at a day care centre so Wyatt can spend some time there and still have his aunt to take care of him leaving Piper some time to go back to work.

When Wyatt comes back from day care he won’t sleep or eat and keeps throwing tantrums. Other parents remove their babies and toddlers from the centre and Paige begins to suspect Piper’s worries about Wyatt might not be paranoid guilt from not spending her time at home with him. Could the babies have been switched and if so why and by who. No one messes with The Charmed Ones and definitely not their children…

This was fun, nothing too exciting but it was good to have one in the series where the bad guy isn’t one of the guys the sisters are dating. It’s so fun seeing how much the sisters have grown. Phoebe is now working as an advice columnist, Paige is focusing on her temp jobs and Piper has completely transformed into the ultimate earth mother. I really miss the show and it’s always fun to revisit with a new story.


Darlyn said...

Have not read the book but I enjoyed watching them on TV!