Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RIP V Challenge

Yay the fifth RIP Challenge hosted here by Carl V at Stainless Steel Droppings is here. I'm so excited as I love this challenge and the fairy tale Once Upon a Time one he hosts. I am signing up immediately for Peril the First which means reading at least 4 scary books (mystery, suspense, thriller, dark fantasy, gothic, horror, supernatural) throughout September and October.

Carl makes it easy by letting you leave open your book list and not having to decide in advance. I have a whole pile of books to choose from that I might read. My pool of books (very much subject to change) is looking like :

* Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs
* Mona Lisa Awakening - Sunny
* Blood Rites - Jim Butcher
* The Strain - Guillermo Del Torro
* 20th Centuary Ghosts - Joe Hill
* From s Whisper to a Scream - Charles de Lint
* The Awakening - LA Banks
* The Good, The Bad and the Undead - Kim Harrison
* Living with the Dead - Kelley Armstrong
* The Sandman - Neil Gaiman (need to catch up with this series in general)


Kristen M. said...

I also have 20th Century Ghosts on my list this year. I love fitting short stories in between the novels and some of them are more terrifying than long stories! Enjoy the challenge!

Debi said...

Can't wait to see what you end up reading! I've never even heard of some of those on your list...probably means they'll get added to my wish list if you end up liking them. ;) Have fun!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Welcome back to RIP, Rhinoa! So great to have you again this year. Thanks for signing up.

I'm really hoping The Fall is as good as The Strain was. I was very much sucked into it when I read it last year.

Jill said...

I can't believe it's here already! Now it's truly the end of summer. I LOVE the RIP Challenge - I even have books I've been saving up to read for it! I'll be looking forward to your thoughts on the books you end up reading (they'll probably go on my list for next year).

chrisa511 said...

I started The Strain and never did finish it! I really need to remedy that. And I really need to finish the Sandman series too! I started a reread of it and have only gotten through book 4 so far. Just love that series!

gautami tripathy said...

Great list. Have a great time reading those.

Please do check out the books I already read for RIP V.

Alice said...

I can't help it. I succumbed too. Have fun with this!

Jodie Robson said...

Ooh, I'd forgotten about Jim Butcher - must read some more. Great list!

Literary Feline said...

Those are great choices! I didn't put Kim Harrison on my list but I might decide to read the first book in her series anyway . . . So many tempting choices!

Kailana said...

Yay for Patricia Briggs! I hope you enjoy Silver Borne!