Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rating : 3.5/5
Number of Pages : 323
Series : #7 Sookie Stackhouse
Format : Urban Fantasy, Vampire novel
Reason for Reading : Sookie Stackhouse Challenge, to continue the series

It's time for the vampire summit so off Sookie goes to Rhodes USA in the company of Eric, the Queen of Louisiana (Sophie-Anne), Bill (or he who has been adjured) plus new beau Quinn a weretiger. Sookie also gets a chance to meet up with Barry Bellboy from one of the earlier novels who is the only other telepath she has met. There Sookie finds out more about her boyfriend's past and gets herself in a compromising situation with Eric (as ususal!), but this time it will change her possibly forever.

Sophie-Anne is to stand trail for the murder of her late husband and Sookie was the only witness so she needs to be there. The main protagonist pushing for the trail is found murdered at the hotel and there is obviosuly suspicion that Sophie-Anne is behind it. There is an uncovered threat to all of the vampires and their entourage and it is up to Sookie to see if she can uncover it.

This was my least favourite so far in the series. I did still enjoy it, but I missed the human and Bon Temps elements. There is no Sam and everyone in the story is a supe or related to one which made me miss the human mix which makes it all seem to realistic somehow. The last section as always is very intense with Sookie making some new discoveries and making some difficult choices.

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 303
Series : #8 Sookie Stackhouse
Format : Urban Fantasy, Vampire novel
Reason for Reading : Sookie Stackhouse Challenge, to continue the series

Back in Bon Temps Sookie is still picking up the pieces from All Together Dead. She has housemate Amelia she is still getting used to along with the her mentor who is escaping the devestation of hurrican Katrina. There are problems with the weres as the women close to Alcide are being murdered and a hit is made on Sookie. Is Patrick Furnam, the pack leader, making an attempt to crush Alcide.

A distant relative of Sookie's makes his first appearence. Sookie thought all she had left was her brother Jason and his new wife, werepanther Crystal. Seems her family tree is a little more tangled than she thought and there is also a young child in the picture. If that was not all there is a hostile tackover planned for the vampire state and Sophie-Anne is still not in a position to defend her sherrifs which includes Eric. Looks like it is all change again in Sookie's world.

Sookie is back on form and it was good to have some of the secondary characters back in the story. I was sad to lose some, but there are still lots more possibilities for the books in the series to come.

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 312
Series : #9 Sookie Stackhouse
Format : Urban Fantasy, Vampire novel
Reason for Reading : Sookie Stackhouse Challenge, to continue the series

The weres have finally followed in the footsteps of the vampires and have gone public. The reaction initially seems to be positive, but soon after Sam has family problems when his mother is shot and then a were creature is found murdered and crucified outside the bar. The question is was it a hate crime against weres as they were partially changed, or a hate crime against the indiviaul who had their enemies.

The fey are causing problems and because of Sookie's relationships she has become a target for them as well. The fey are split between liking those who are part human and who think it is a terrible mistake with their fertility being so low. The fey are not on the list of supes who will come out in public, they are too secretive and spend a lot of time not in this world. They are deadly though as Sookie will learn.

I really enjoyed this and am very interested to see where the story takes us next. I will miss some of the characters who did not make it to the end (it seems more frequent in the latest books that many of the secondary characters are being killed off) and there is still speculation one of the vamps will survivie. Sookie again has her heart torn between two men and is back in the beginnings of a love triangle.


soleil said...

Isn't the latest one supposed to be coming out soon? I am very curious to see what happens next as well.

soleil said...

just saw Dead in the Family in the bookstore today. will have to see if my library has it.

Jill said...

I'm glad to hear that you continue to enjoy this series - you are so far ahead of me now! I just finished Dead as a Doornail, which was a good one. I'm hooked on the audios, now, so it takes longer for me to get through them, but I do love the narrator. And I finally started watching the tv series, which I have to say I'm enjoying a lot!

Rhinoa said...

Jehara - Yes the new one is out June or July in the UK. Jealous you have it already. So excited :)

Darla - I really liked the first series and am looking forward to watching the second series soon on dvd. I haven't tried the audios but may for the newest release until the paperback comes out.