Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rating : 4.5/5
Number of Pages : 494
Series : #7 Black Jewels
Format : Dark Fantasy, eBook
Reason for Reading : Series Challenge, to continue with the series

A welcome return to Anne Bishop's Black Jewels world sees the story continuing from The Shadow Queen. Cassidy has gained some support from the Warlords of Shalador and Dene Nehele. One still stands against her despite being sworn to be part of her inner circle. Luckily she has the care and companionship of Grey who is fast on track to becomming the Warlord he was always destined to be. He will never have his true strength as his Jewels have been decided, but he has a quiet power and stength that others are beginning to notice and follow.

An old rival of Cassidy's visits and turns her world upside down. She was responsible for Cassie's biggest heartache and seems set on repeating her behaviour. Cassie withdraws foresaking the positive effect she is having on the people and Grey and her Warlords battle to keep her with them and not hide herself away. Demon, Saetan and Lucivar all get involved as well as Witch and Surreal plus a healthy dose of Scheltie's led by Lady Vae so it looks like Cassie may have no choice but to stick around! The tangled webs though do not look good for the future of Dene Nehele...

I loved this addition to the series (of course!). Cassie is stronger than she thinks she is and very easy to connect with. As is Grey. I really enjoyed spending time getting to know her first circle better, the good and the misguided. I hope there are many more books to come in this series.