Sunday, April 11, 2010

Readathon - End of Hour 20

I had to get some sleep in the middle but am up again and reading despite still being in a rubish amount of pain. WIll have to call the doctor tomorrow morning :(

Current Book : Buffy 7 v5 - Joss Whedon
Books Read So Far : 5
Pages Read Since Last Update : 336
Total Pages Read : 1,046
Time Spent Reading : 130 mins
Total Time Spent Reading : 775 mins
Time Spent in Cat Related Activities : 50 mins

Since my last update I have read 2 Buffy graphic novels and am on my third.


Jenn-ay said...

Wow!!! Over 1000 pages read...that's awesome.

HAPPY readings, Go Team Wordsworth, & I'm totally hoping that you're enjoying this read-a-thon adventure!!!

YAY!!! *shakes pom poms*

soleil said...

I am about to start Buffy vol 3. :)