Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 123 & 139
Series : #3 & 4 The Vampire Diaries
Format : Teenage Fiction, Vampire, eBook
Reason for Reading : L J Smith Challenge, to continue the series

The Fury

Elena isn't the same since her car crashed into a river. Everyone assumes the worst, but things are even worse than her friends imagine when Damon and Stefan find her. She is needed to help the boys fight an enemy long ago assumed gone. The brothers will need to put aside their feuding to help defeat this new enemy or Elena will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Dark Reunion

There is a new threat to the town and Bonnie calls upon Stefan to return and help out. Their town seems to draw evil to it and this is an evil that is somehow familar to Stefan. Another girl is dead and poor Vickie looks to be next. Tyler is still being a menace and something sinister is different about him. Bonnie has been seeing Elena in dark dreams, can she help bridge the gap and aid in the struggle against the dark forces surrounding the town.

This series was definitely worth sticking with. The first book was not great, but the story takes some very unexpected twists and turns as the books progress and I was drawn further and further in as the it unfolded. I look forward to reading The Return books which continue the story further.


soleil said...

I don't remember how these books turn out at all. I know I read the first two in high school. They were my best friend's favorite books and she lent them to me. I am looking forward to getting around to these.