Sunday, April 04, 2010

Rating : 4.5/5
Number of Pages : 258
Series : #3 Sookie Stackhouse Series
Format : Urban Fantasy, Vampire, eBook
Reason for Reading : Sookie Stackhouse Challenge, to continue with the series

Sookie Stackhouse, local barmaid and telepath, is back and in the middle of another supernatural mystery. Her boyfriend Vampire Bill is contacted by the Vampire Queen and sent on a mission but he goes missing in another vampires territory. Sookie has no choice but to go and look for him despite some unsettling news passed on from Eric and Pam about Bill's activities.

Helping Sookie is new character Alcide Herveaux who is a werewolf introducing more shifters and weres into the supernatural mix. They have to pretend to be a couple to infiltrate the vampires "Club Dead" in Mississippi to find out details of what has happened to Bill, but the chemistry flies for real. Too bad Alcide has a shifter ex fiance who has moved on to another that Alcide is still very much ung up on. In time though who knows what will happen between them.

A great addition to the series. These books just keep getting better and better. I really like Eric Northman and warmed to Alcide as well. I am not sure how much longer I give the relationship between Sookie and Bill after the events of this book and it will be interesting to see who she hooks up with next.

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 321
Series : #4 Sookie Stackhouse Series
Format : Urban Fantasy, Vampire
Reason for Reading : Sookie Stackhouse Challenge, to continue with the series

One night Sookie is driving home from her barmaid job at Merlott's when she sees Eric (head of the Area 5 vampires) running down the road mostly naked. When she stops to find out what is going on it seems he has lost his memory and has no knowledge of who she is or even who he is. Sookie takes him home to protect him until the other vampires can turn up and explain this turn of events.

The skinny is that a coven of witches have moved into Eric's town and are trying to take over his business. The witches are extra powerful as they are all shifters and have been drinking vampire blood. As Bill is away in Peru Sookie turns to her brother Jason and werewolf Alcide for help. Soon after though her only surviving family member Jason goes missing after spending a night with a shifter so Sookie turns to Eric in a whole new way. She ends up stuck in the middle of a war between vampires, weres, shifters and wictches. She is mostly human so her chances of keeping her resolution to not get beaten up seems slim...

Again another great story to add to this excellent series. Romance, violence and supernatural creatures galore. I can't wait to come back to Sookie's world again soon.


Jill said...

We're up to the same point in this series now. I'm looking forward to #5!