Sunday, April 18, 2010

Buffy 8 v3 - 6

Rating : 3.5/5
Number of Pages : 136, 136, 144, 144
Series : #3 - 6 Buffy Series 8
Format : Graphic Novel
Reason for Reading : Graphic Novel Challenge 2010, to continue with the series

Buffy and the gang are back where the television series left off to continue their adventures against the new big-bad Twilight.

Wolves at the Gate

A new breed of vampires have appeared and have stolen the sythe that Buffy used to turn all the potentials into Slayers. These vampires can turn into mist and animals so the gang go off to enlist the help of Dracula, the only other vampire with these powers. We delve into Xander's relationship with Dracula, his Master, and the possibility of him loving again. The new vampires have a plan to turn the Slayers back into regular girls unless the gang can stop them.

Time of Your Life

Buffy is sent into the future where she meets Fray (she has her own spin off comic). Fray is a future Slayer and was called after the Slayer line was dormant for many decades. There is only one Slayer in the future, so what happened to all the other Slayers Buffy awakened? There is an enemy in the future that Buffy must defeat once and for all, but can she make herself do it...

Predator's and Prey

Harmony is back and is gaining support for vampires. She has her own reality television show and is turning the human population against Slayers. She claims they are abusing their power and all they want to do is kill. Doesn't help that some Slayers have gone rogue and Buffy had been raising money to support her operation through less than above board means. Now humanity is against the Slayers as well as Twilight and the other demons/vampires.


Twilight finally finds Buffy and her Slayer army, they track them using the magic they are using to shield and protect their fortress in Scotland. Buffy takes the gang to the only person she knows who has been able to give up the magics. Oz is able to surpress his werewolf nature and has made a family for himself in Tibet. Can he train the Slayers and Willow to release their magics and defeat Twilight's army with brute strength.


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