Sunday, April 04, 2010

Archenemy - Frank Beddor

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 262
Series : #3 Looking Glass Wars
Format : Teenage Fiction, Fantasy, eBook
Reason for Reading : Series Challenge, to continue with the series

Alyss and her friends are back in the real Wonderland. The Heart Crystal has been depleted of energy and Alyss and those others possessing imagination can no longer use it. They have become sluggish and despondent. Plus the Spade soldiers are rounding up those who had imagination and putting them in camps. The Spade King and Queen have never had imagination and are set against it and trying to take over Wonderland.

Arch is still around as well and his relationship with Redd is being stretched to the limit. She is trying to hide from him that she has lost her imgaination and he has designs for taking over Wonderland and changing it from a Queenship to a Kingship. The caterpillars have their own agenda and Hatter and Molly are trying to work through their issues which takes them back to London and to a reluctant Charles. All the threads of the tale slowly begin to come together and wrap up the series.

I love the alternative world Beddor has created with much loved characters unveiling their reality. I also enjoy when his Wonderland crosses over with Charles in London. Although this storyline is nicely concluded I hope there will be further forays into Wonderland and more of the Hatter graphic novels.