Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 467
Series : #1 Isolde Trilogy
Format : Arthurian Fiction, Fantasy
Reason for Reading : Arthurian II Challenge

The story of the other major romance in the Arthurian Mythology. This begins the tale of the ill fated Tristan and Isolde. They meet under unforatunate circumstances. Sir Tristan has feld to Ireland, the home of his enemies, as he is dangerously injured. While there he is nursed by Isolde, the daughter of the Queen of Ireland. There they follow the Mother Rule and so Isolde is the next in line to rule. Tristan would be a good match for her being a Prince himself.

Sadly things are not to be so simple. The Queen has her own plans for her daughter and so does Tristan's uncle, King Mark back in Cornwall. Tristan is sworn to him and has made enemies at court by those who see his sudden return as a threat to their own schemes. Looks like the path of true love does not run smooth.

I loved the romance and the drama of the tale. I really like Rosalind's writing style (I have read her fantastic Camelot series and a novel on Queen Elizabeth) and thought this was no exception. I liked both the main characters and am interested to get to know the Queen and Andred more in the following two books. My only issue so far is that the characters seem to have longer life expectancies than I thought from other tales. I am sure there will be a suitably unhappy ending by the end of the final book!


Anonymous said...

I like the legend of Tristin and Isolde, and I also liked the recent movie version. I've not read any of the books Miles has written, so I may have to put this one on a to-read-someday list. It looks like a fun escape :-)

Alice said...

I hope to read this one day.

Rhinoa said...

thekoolaidmom - I still haven't watched the film, but do have a copy somewhere. Her books are a great read if you have time.

Alice - I hope you do too :)

Kailana said...

I want to love her writing, but I just don't... It makes me sad because she writes about things that would generally interest me.

soleil said...

i really enjoyed her trilogy about arthur and guinevere. i may have to give this one a shot.

mariel said...

Ah glad you liked it. I still haven't gotten around to reading the next two in the series, but I enjoyed the first.

I thought the film was pretty bad, but in that great way that makes you love it anyway! And Rufus Sewell...need I say more ;)

Ana S. said...

This sounds really beautiful, and totally my kind of book in so many different ways. Both this and her Guinevere series are on my list!

Rhinoa said...

Kailana - It's such a shame you don't get on with her. You should try Sarah Zettle if you haven't already.

Mariel - Will bear your comments about the film in mind when I get around to watching it.

Nymeth - If we set more books this year maybe I can add some of hers to your list.