Monday, January 04, 2010

It's about time I Wrapped this up as well as it finished in November. I didn't complete my list, but I am happy with my progress. It was fun to do and to set myself small and large goals. I would consider doing it again, but am currently doing 30 things in the year I am 30 running from 11th September 2009 until 10th September 2010. Bag I am now old! I did 55 things on my list and have started a couple of others which isn't too bad. Some things I still hope to do moving forwards.

101 Things to do in 1001 Days

Here's my list that ran from 1/3/07 until 25/11/09. Red means I completed it and Blue means I didn't.

1) Increase my salary to £30,000 - Completed 2008
2) To read the large marketing book Principles of Marketing - Nope
3) To be 100% of my target at least 16 times during this period - 8/14 so far plus over my yearly target for one product line twice, was over my target at my second job during this time also. My target format changed during the course of setting this, but I did achieve it more than I didn't so I am counting it done.
4) To save £50 per month - Saving our DJ money and set up a regular savings account
5) To clear my Mastercard - I cleared it a couple of times but ended up with more on it at the end of November sadly
6) To try and clear my graduate loan early - Cleared 4/4/08
7) To start saving towards a pension - Still not started. I want to finish clearning debts before I do this.
8) To get a promotion or new job - Start on 2/6/08 yay!!!
9) To buy my own house/flat - Completed 17/9/07
10) To learn to bake cheesecakes - Argh still not done!
11) To learn to bake biscuits - First baked 16/3/07 yum
12) To decorate my own place from scratch - Completed all I want to for now (front room, spare room, study)
13) To grow and dry my own herbs - Nope
14) To keep our new place clean and tidy - We go through fits and starts but mostly a failure...
15) Hold a dinner party - Completed 16/10/07
16) Buy a four poster bed - Delivered and built 19/9/07

17) Own a dishwasher - No unless you count my husband
18) Read one fiction book a month - Completed every year
19) Read one magical book a month - Completed every year
20) Go swimming at least twice a month - Did not complete although I do go occassionally
21) To see at least 2 films at the cinema a month - Completed every year
22) To complete the OBOD Bardic Grade -Completed 24/2/08
23) To complete the OBOD Ovate Grade - Not completed but I have started it
24) To obtain my second degree - No but I am in a magical group again so on my way
25) To get my website going again - Never got around to it
26) Buy a piano - No as we moved into a first floor flat
27) Start practising the violin again - Nope
28) Start practising the piano again - No piano so I can't practise unless I am at my mum's
29) Finish all the Terry Pratchet Discworld paperbacks - Completed
30) Read Ninteen Eighty-Four - Completed 15/3/07
31) Read Lord of the Flies - Completed 29/5/07
32) Join a gym - Joined 8/7/08
33) Go to the gym at least twice a month - Yes in 2009
34) Craft something at least once a month - Completed every year

35) Finish Le Morte D’Arthur - Still not done
36) Learn how to mix CD’s properly - Still working on it but getting better
37) Finish making Alex his scarf - Haha nope!
38) Read the Histories of Middle Earth - Read the first 4 so far so counting as complete as made a good start
39) Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum - Visited 11/4/07
40) Go to Prague - Visited 5/12/07 - 7/12/07

41) Go to Cyprus - Not yet
42) Go to New York - Visited 13/9/08 - 20/9/08
43) Go to Boston - No time when in NYC
44) Go to a gig or play every two months - Completed every year
45) Visit St Paul’s Cathedral - Visited 24/11/07
46) Climb a mountain (all the way to the top!) - Climbed Mount Snowdon 14/5/08

47) Go to New Zealand - No but going in March 2010
48) Travel around North Wales - Visited 10/5/08 - 18/5/08
49) Go to Glastonbury at least once a year - Visited 5/5/07, 22/3/08, 14/5/09
50) Go to Cadbury Castle - Visited 6/5/07
51) Visit a volcano - Visited in Iceland Feb 2009
52) To increase my sex drive Counting this as a failure sadly
53) Drop back down to a size 10 - Not got to size 10 but am a size 12 which I am happy with so counting this done :)
54) Keep a written diary at least once a week - Not every week just intermittantly
55) Pull a tarot card a day - As 54
56) Research my dad’s side of the family tree - Didn't get time for this yet
57) Complete all the Final Fantasy games (console only) - Completed I, II, III and most of IV
58) Complete all the Zelda games - Completed Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Four Swords, Minish Cap

59) Learn how to use my sewing machine - Yes I made a skirt in 2009
60) Learn how to hand-make books - No time sadly
61) Make at least one item of clothing for me or Alex (excluding the scarf) - Yes I made a skirt
62) Get two wisdom teeth removed - Wimped Out
63) Get laser eye surgery - Couldn't as eye prescription changed too much
64) Obtain my Reiki Level One - No :(
65) Obtain my Reiki Level Two - No :(
66) Finish the online courses I started a few years ago in alternative therapies - No :(
67) To do one of the Neals Yard courses - No :(
68) To be paid for 10 tarot readings - Yes
69) Start my own coven - No as I joined one instead so counts as done
70) Start a teen magical study group - No
71) Write a magazine article - No
72) Write a book or at least write 5 chapters - Written two chapters so far
73) Get Morgaine pregnant so we can have kittens - Despite our best efforts not yet. Maybe in 2010
74) Recycle regularly - Yes we do this now
75) Have a BBQ - No
76) Get a new tattoo symbolising our wedding - Have had a new tattoo but not for our wedding
77) Get our wedding video sorted - No
78) Get our official wedding photo album - No because the wedding photographer is shit
79) Try being a Red Head - Yes and still am
80) Get a PS3 - Bought one in October 2009
81) Go up in a hot air balloon - Completed in Luxor, Egypt 26/10/07
82) Sell something on eBay - Sold a DVD on 18/6/07
83) Load all of my cds onto iTunes - Added 1/11/07
84) Join a book club/discussion group - Joined 12/1/08
85) Learn to identify 10 native trees and plants - Realised I can now do this 23/2/08

86) Watch at least 50 of the Time 100 Greatest Films of all Time - Nope
87) Read at least half of The Guardian’s 100 Greatest Books of all Time - 42 read, so close
88) Get all my digital photos printed and sorted - Failed miserably

89) Learn Sign Language - I learnt the alphabet...
90) Become confident at parallel parking - 12/6/07 Woo I can finally do this!
91) Sleep out under the stars - Completed 28/7/07
92) Be able to wear high heals comfortably - Completed 11/7/07
93) See the Northern Lights - Saw in Iceland March 09
94) See the Lord of the Rings Musical - Saw 15/5/07
95) Go to Legoland finally - Compelted 14/5/09

96) Go to the Opera - No
97) Complete a beginners course in Yoga - Completed some classes at the gym
98) Get a penpal and write a minimum of 10 letters - Achieved
99) Frame and hang something I have drawn or created - Framed a cross stitch design I made for my Mother-in-law 1/7/07
100) Complete a beginners Pole Dancing class - Completed an 8 week beginners course 11/7/07
101) Remember to send a card in time for all family members and close friends - Completed each year


raidergirl3 said...

You did awesome, and got a lot accomplished.
I like this one best however:

88) Get all my digital photos printed and sorted - Failed miserably

Because if you aren't going to get something done, may as well fail miserably. ha!

soleil said...

kudos to you for completing more than half your goals!!! 100 things to do is a lot of things to set out to do!! and you had a very ambitious list. i get intimidated at the idea of creating the list in the first place. ;)

Alice said...

Well done, Rhinoa! You've accomplished so much! I'm inspired to do a specific listing and work on them too. :D

Susan said...

I did a partial list for myself, and when I came across it recently I went blah! Your list was much more interesting than mine! Well done, Rhinoa, you did accomplish a lot in the 1,000 days.