Monday, October 19, 2009

Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 186
Series : #1 Incubus
Format : GLBT, Paranormal Romance Manga
Reason for Reading : GLBT Challenge, alternative for the Manga Challenge

Judas is a mortal who has been having some very racey dreams. He is in love with his professor Mr Belgian, but it is completely unrequited. In his dreamworld though is another man, one he does not know. Things there are very steamy and although in life Judas is a virgin, in his dreams he is anything but as he tries to resist his dream lover.

His dreamworld spills into his reality though when the man from his dreams turns up in reality. He is an incubus who is attached in some way to Judas. He finds it really hard to resist his sexual urges which only frightens Judas more. Judas has a soul unlike the incubus, Lenniel, but Judas' soul is not sealed like other humans and other supernatural beings can steal it from him for their own purposes. This means further complications as Judas is attacked by an Ifrit demon.

This was a great introduction to the series. It focuses on the sexual aspects of the story with an introduction to the main plot. It is not for those who are easily offended as with it being manga the sex scenes are very visual and are quite explicit in places. It isn't porn, it is a sub type of manga called Yaoi manga which is Boy's Love manga aimed at girls. It is often written by women and is different from Man Love manga which is aimed at gay men. There is also a bonus story at the end of this, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Rating : 3.5/5
Number of Pages : 264
Series : #2 Incubus
Format : GLBT, Paranormal Romance Manga
Reason for Reading : GLBT Challenge, alternative for the Manga Challenge

Judas and Lenniel are back. Lenniel is still trying to protect Judas from other supernatural beings who are after his soul. It isn't just others who threaten Judas, it seems he has a difficult past he is not over. As a young boy he was often ciritised by his mother for not making friends or being able to relate to others. He chose to close himself off to others, not bothering to make friends and denying himself love. It also explains his lack of trust in others.

Lenniel's sister turns up as well. She is secretly in love with Lenniel but lost him to Judas. She believes he should be honest with Judas and tell him why they are joined and his history as an incubus. An incubus is a half breed, one parent is an Ifrit and the other a mortal.

More plot focused that the first volume, but still plenty of explicit sex scenes. I am really interested to see what happens next and I am enjoying getting to know the boys.

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 296
Series : #3 Incubus
Format : GLBT, Paranormal Romance Manga
Reason for Reading : GLBT Challenge, alternative for the Manga Challenge

The third volume in the series sees lots more plot and a lot less sex. There is much more from Kent, an Ifrit, and his Young Master (introduced in the first volume). We learn more about their relationship and the nature of the Young Master's accident and why he cannot regain consciousness. Lenniel gets involved and does his best to help the situation in the hope that Kent will team up with him to protect Judas.

There is a lot more talk about souls and why the different supernatural beings want Judas' unprotected soul so badly. It also discusses reincarnation which is pretty out there when compared to the sexy first volume! There is still some sex, but it is by far the most plot driven of the three.

This is my favourite of the series so far and really advanced the story.It also introduces some new characters and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. At the end of the story is a little aside from the author which really touched me. I even emailed them afterwards to say I hope things are improving as depression is a horrible thing. It may be some time until the next in the series, but I hope it does get finished at some point.


Amanda said...

Hm, those sound interesting. I'm not sure if I'd like them or not, because i haven't been really impressed with manga in the past, but I'm giving it another try at the readathon.

Debi said...

I'm guessing my library's pathetic selection of manga is not going to have these, but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed anyway because your reviews have left me quite intrigued. Thanks, Rhinoa!