Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Dream King Challenge had different levels of participation and I choose to read 3 books by Gaiman throughout 2009 as well as watch one of his films or tv series. I decided to go for only 3 as I have read most of his books and graphic novels already. The challenge blog is here which has all the participants reviews. The books I read with links to reviews are below:

1. The Sandman v3: Dream Country - Graphic Novel
2. Blueberry Girl - Children's Book
3. Good Omens - Adult Fiction with Terry Pratchett
Movie = Coraline 3D

This was a really fun challenge and I think besides Fragile Things, Odd and the Frost Giants and a couple more Sandman graphic novels I am pretty much up to date with Neil Gaiman. He needs to write some more soon!


Alice said...

Congratulations on the completion!

Ana S. said...

Congratulations on finishing! I'm merrily on my way to failing it myself - how sad is that? A challenge devoted to my favourite writer for pity's sake!