Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mystery Read-A-Thon #2

Well I am now roughly 4 hours in (it's coming up to 1pm here) and I have finished my first book. I read Three Bedrooms, One Corpse by Charlaine Harris and enjoyed it much more than the second in the series and nearly as much as the first. For the first time I guessed correctly who the murderer was about half way through - go me!

Am going to get some lunch and will then make a start on Grave Peril by Jim Butcher. But first, here are my answers to the Weekly Geeks about msyteries:

1."Do you love a little suspense in your life? Have you ever read a book that keeps you twisting and turning until the last page? Tell us about it (but not too much , we want to be left hanging ourselves). Or maybe there is a series of mysteries that you adore. Why do you keep reading about the same detectives?"***

I only recently started reading Mystiers. I really liked the Bath and Body ones by India Ink (the pen name of Yasmine Galenorn). They had aromatherapy blends included and the central character was good fun. Since I finished those three I have started the Aurora Teagarden books by Charlaine Harris. The first one (Real Murders) was excellent and I had no idea who was the culprit. The premise was excellent and Roe is a good main character. Sadly the second in the series was a big let down, but I just read the third which was excellent. Hopefully the fourth will be in keeping with books one and three. I am also really enjoying the first two Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher. Harry Dresden is a wizard who ends up solving paranormal murders which combines urban fantasy into the mix which is a genre I love.

2. To expand on that a little: the new TV series Castle revolves around a popular mystery writer. There's even talk that a novel will be published supposedly written by Castle himself. TV and books will muddy the entertainment waters once again. I think we all know of the Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes series on PBS and BBC as well. Not to mention the new movie Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law will open December 25, 2009. Looks pretty exciting!

If you were to be given special TV or movie producing powers, which mystery novel character(s) would you create a TV series or movie for? Who would you cast in the major roles?

OK it's not something that hasn't been done before, but I really loved the first series of the Dresden Files and was so upset that it wa cancelled. There are some differences between the books and the tv series, but I think both work really well for their media. Paul Blackthorn was excellent as Harry and I would definitely re-cast him. Agent Murphy was great too although physically very different looking from the book version. So I would basically re-start the show for at least one more series.


Wendy said...

I haven't read any of the books you mentioned (yet!). I've been reading thrillers and mysteries for most of my life - and I have started getting back to them more lately.