Friday, June 26, 2009

Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 124
Format : Fiction Novel
Reason for Reading : Library Reading Group

One night whilst walking her ill tempered corgi's in the palace grounds, the Queen stumbles across a travlling library. Her manners lead her to check out a book and she is not one to turn down a challenge so she finishes reading it. She doesn't enjoy it but on returning it she tries again advised by Norman Seakins, a young man from the kitchen whose interest is primarily gay books.

The second book is a big hit with her and she quickly becomes hooked on reading. However, her advisors are not happy about this sudden turn in events. They worry that her reading is elitist and doesn't teach the public anything. She seems to come out with what they consider inappropriate questions and comments to visiting dignitaries. She takes books in her carriage with her hidden below the window and is always recommendting a good book to everyone including the Prime Minister.

I mostly loved this but I felt the ending was a let down. It was an excellent premise and it made me wonder much more about the Queen and what her hobbies might be. What must it be like to live her life? The problem was how to end it, it didn't really go anywhere and I wondered what Bennet's motivation was for writing it.


Kailana said...

Yeah, the ending wasn't my favourite part. I felt the author went a bit off for it, but otherwise it was good. It made me think, too!

Ana S. said...

Sorry to hear you didn't love it! I guess it didn't go anywhere much, but I enjoyed the ride too much to mind.