Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Book Related Day

So yesterday I spent around 13 hours driving around Wales seeing a couple of clients. I stopped off in a little village called Hay-On-Way which I hadn't heard of before. It had a sign saying it was book related and it turned out to have 39 book shops as well as a massive literary festival going on with free entry. Talking about it to friends it seems everyone has heard of it but me somehow!

So anyway after my appointment the company let me leave my car in their car park and walk to the festival. Inside I managed to meet Jonathan Stroud (author of the Bartimaeus trilogy). Here he is signing some books and I think the little girl with the pink headband was his daughter.

I bought The Last Siege by him as it is one I hadn't heard of before.

Then I approached his table and got him to sign it. He even drew me a little Bartimaeus, how cool is that!

He was a lovely guy. We chatted for a few minutes and he was such a sweetie. He encouraged me to try writing despite my worry that I would accidentally rip someone elses work off having read so much. There were so many authors giving talks but I had to leave as I had a long drive home. Other authors there included Sarah Waters, Cornelia Funke, Alan Bennett plus people like Jeremy Paxman, and musician KT Tunstall. I will definitely check out the line up next year and think about going properly.


Ana S. said...

Sarah Waters!!! I'm a little bit in love with her at the moment. Lucky, lucky you! That's awesome that you ended up at Hay-On-Way during the festival by chance. I think I first heard of it through Nick Hornby, and then last year Valentina visited it and posted pictures. I definitely want to go there someday. But for you to find it when an author you like is signing...that's just so awesome. He does sound lovely, and yes, you definitely should try writing!

Kailana said...

How cool is that! I had heard of Hay-On-Way, but I have no idea how! I would love to go there, though. I think it would be terrible on the pocketbook, but oh well! Glad you got to meet an author that you enjoy! And, yes, writing is a good thing. :)

soleil said...

that sounds so awesome! i love book towns. there is one like that in france that has an overbundance of bookstores and a very cool vibe. i don't remember the name of it though.

Alice said...

That was awesome! I saw a couple of Sarah Waters books but didn't buy them.

I think you should definitely try writing! :)

DesLily said...

OMG! How lucky are you!!! Two of my favorites were there and you got a Bartimaeus Drawing!! Aggggggg I want it! hahaha.. The other I'd love to have is Cornelia Funke!!

I don't suppose you asked Jonathan if he ever planned to use Bartimaeus again??

Ladytink_534 said...

What fun! Glad he's a nice person in real life :)

Maggs said...

I loved reading your entry Katie and the photo's. Thanks for sharing.

valentina said...

Oh Hay-on-wye! I was there last year, here's my post
I wasn't too interested in the festival,but now you make me want to go!!
ps: last week I got my copy of Tipping the velvet signed by Sarah Waters, who was in our shop:D cool!