Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So I've been pretty busy over the last week going out every night and working hard in the daytime. In the last 7 evenings I have been to 3 gigs.

Firstly Tuesday last week was to see Irish rockers Therapy? They are a band I have loved since their iconic album Troublegun in the 1990s. They have a new album due out soon and played mostly music from it during the gig. It sounded really good and I am looking forward to the release date. They did play some old favourites like Teethgrinder, Potato Junkie, Going Nowhere. Turn etc. The only thing I did notice was that me and my friend were in the minority being two women in a 90% male crowd. Very testosterone filled...!

Gig number 2 was on Thursday last week. I went to see Ginger from the Wildhearts playing his solo music and another band called Laika Dog whose frontman is Tony Wright from the awesome Terrorvision. I hadn't heard any of Ginger's solo music or anything by Laiki Dog but I loved both performances. I got one of Laika Dog's cds which I will put on my iPod soon. It was an awesome night despite going to the gig by myself. I met a host of my favourite band members during the evening and a really fun girl called Lauren and guy called James who I am keeping in touch with.

Below is a rubbish picture of me with Chris McCormack the guitarist from 3 Colours Red.

Check me out with Tony Wright from Terrorvision and Laika Dog, such a sweet and friendly guy and I can't believe he just turned 41!!! I spent some time chatting to his bandmates and got on really well with the keyboard player who was well sound. Must find him on facebook.

And me with Ginger formerly of The Wildheards, a rock'n'roll band from the 1990s (the best decade for music!). He was again lovely and spent ages signing autographs and posing for pictures at the merchandise stall. Must get his solo albums from iTunes or Amazon at some point.

Last nights treat was a special Tori Amos gig. It was a one off in a theatre in London promoting her new album due out soon, Abnormally Attracted to Sin (the night was entitled "Accoustically Attracted to Sin). She had said it would be mostly new stuff with some old, but it turned out to be compeltely the other way around (see set list at the bottom).

Her support act was great too, a guy called Scott Matthews from Wolverhampton I had a nice chat with. A cross between Damien Rice and Martin Grech (go check him out). Both sounded great, Scott alone with 3 different guitars and Tori minus her band, just her and a paino as she was meant to be heard.

My only complaint about Tori was her appearence. She wore a red long dress with black spots and was painfully thin. She pulled the dress up (making it look way better), but we did get quite a lot of crotch shots. Luckily she was wearing thick black leggings/tights but still, a visual I could have lived without. She reminded me of a twin crossed with a ladybird and a gelfling (remember The Dark Crystal?!). Someone feed the lady many cheese burgers, she needs to fatten up a little.!
Set list:
Famous Blue Raincoat (a laughing Len song)
Taxi Ride
Jackie's Strength
Cool on your Island
Silent All These Years
Baron's of Suburbiabr>
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Putting the Damage On


Ana S. said...

I used to love Therapy? back in the day, but I haven't listened to them in ages! Sounds like a great show. And grrr, it's the second time since I've been reading your blog that you see Tori live. If you weren't so awesome I'd have to hate you :P

chrisa511 said...

I LOVE the pics :) Sounds like lots of fun! And I love the setlist for the Tori show :) I've only gotten to see her twice :( I'm hoping that she comes back to New Orleans with this tour!

Rhinoa said...

Nymeth - Yes please don't hate me! If she tours again you should come and see her in the UK with me.

Chris - Thanks, I love going to live music stuff. It was a great set list and I hope she does a proper tour very soon.

Alice said...

Ooooh, what fun! Everything looks awesome!

soleil said...

that's so awesome you got to see tori again! i have seen her three times in concert. i adore her.
sounds like you had a fun week. :)