Saturday, April 18, 2009

Books read : 1
Pages Read : 62, Total 508
Time Spent Reading : 50 mins, Total 445 mins
Currently Reading : The Indigo King - James A Owen

Mini Challenge: Books to TV Cross Over

Search your memory for books and book series that might also work as a TV series. Which are they, and do you already have some actors in mind for them? (If so, you might even post links to a photo of the actor!)
- I would like to see Darren Shan's Vampire series made into a television series. I don't have any actors in mind though at the moment.
- Also The Goose Girl books by Shannon Hale, but again I have no actors in mind.
- The Imaginarium Geographica Series by James A Owen (I know the first has been signed up to be made into a film but a series might work better).
- Slam by Nick Hornby with Tony Hawkes playing himself of course and maybe Toni Colette as the main characters mother

Now think about the movies or TV series you've watched. Which of them would you read as a book as well? What are they about and what genre would they be?
- Pushing Daisies would make a great Fantasy Detective series.
- Pi would be an interesting read if it were a Sci Fi book.
- Extras (a UK comedy) would make a good Comedy series of books
- Ugly Bettey would be a great Chic Lit series too
- The Goonies, I would so read that book!

And finally, think about the books that have already been made into a movie or a TV series. And what about those movies and TV series that were made into a book?
- There are so many great adaptations of books to movies like LOTR, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, The Secret of Moonacre, Inkheart, Bridge to Terabithia.
- TV series that I enjoyed were The Dresden Files (why oh why did they stop making this), True Blood (I have only seen the first 3 as I am in the UK but I adored it) and Sex and the City (very different from the novel though)


Amanda said...

Goonies! You're right, that'd be a great book :)