Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-A-Thon : End of Hour 7

Books read : 1
Pages Read : 134, Total 396
Time Spent Reading : 110 mins, Total 350 mins
Currently Reading : The Indigo King - James A Owen

Sorry I didn't update at the last hour, I got really into my book. It's great so far. A mixture of Greek mythology and Arthurian mythology like the previous two in the series as we learn more about The Winter King and the Cartographer.

Library Mini Challenge

We are to answer the following questions for this mini challenge:

What is the name of your local library? What city is it located in?
Mine is at Croydon Clocktower in Croydon which is in South London/Surrey.

How often do you go to the library?
I go once a month usually unless there is a book sale.

If you're a regular, do the staff know you?
They recognise me on the second floor now just about! I know the two ladies Kate and Fiona who run the reading group each second Saturday too.

Do you browse while you're there or just pick up items you have placed on reserve? I am usually there for the reading group so always come away with the next months book. I usually get there a bit early as well though to browse.

What is your favorite thing about your local library?
Definitely the reading group. The children's section on the ground floor is a lot of fun too though. The library is in the Clocktower which also has various free exhibitions going on which I sometimes look in on. It makes it a good way to spend an afternoon for cheap!


Jessica said...

Sounds like a terrific location for a library - I love a place with more ambiance than just a regular building.

Anonymous said...

Your library sounds absolutely awesome. No need at all to apologise for not updating, me dear! It's all to the good if you get that caught up in a book!

chrisa511 said...

Fun post! I have to do this one :)

Robin said...

This is so much fun reading about everybody's libraries! The book you're reading sounds really good.