Sunday, April 19, 2009

Books read : 4
Pages Read : 150, Total 1441
Time Spent Reading : 100 mins, Total 995 mins
Currently Reading : Dream Angus - Alexander McCall Smith

Alex has got up and gone to work. Morgaine also spent some time being extra friendly and demanding I stroke her bless. She is such a lovely cat. I have nearly finished Dream Angus and will probably read some manga to finish off the read-a-thon for the last 2 hours. Possibly some Princess Ai and the second Vassalord unless something else takes my fancy at the last minute. I made it through my tired slump and am just about holding it together. I am debating whether to go straight to bed afterwards as it will be 1pm here in the afternoon, but I have a very long week next week so could do with some sleep. Hmm decisions decisions...


Eva said...

Whoot! Keep it up!!

Blodeuedd said...

Doing great! You'll make it :D
Hope you find something fun to read

Jodie said...

Straight to bed I think. I remember last year I slept, woke up about 3 hours before the end and then had to take a nap after lunch.

Yay you're going to make it to the end.