Sunday, April 19, 2009

Books read : 3
Pages Read : 78, Total 1151
Time Spent Reading : 60 mins, Total 790 mins
Currently Reading : Dingo - Charles de Lint

I decided to pick up Dingo by Charles de Lint. I was hoping to read something by him during the 24 hours and noticed this had won the World Fantasy Award. This means it can count as my final Book Awards Challenge novel meaning I have now completed the challenge. Next week I will make sure all my reviews are up to date and do a wrap up post.

Mini Challenge - Rereading

Here’s the challenge:
1. Go back to your blog, and tell us about the books you’re rereading during the mini-challenge. Maybe post a picture of each book and describe why you love it enough to reread it.
2. Go back to your blog, and give us a list of your top favorite rereads of all time. You know, those books that you can go to time and time again for comfort and escape. Again, pictures are good. :)

Well I am not rereading any books for this challenge, I have so many new ones to read before going back to old favourites. I do have a few books though that I can go back to enternally (sorry to sleepy to find pictures):
- The Faraway Tree Books : Enid Blyton
- Redwall : Brian Jacques
- Interview with the Vampire and all things Anne Rice
- His Dark Materials : Philip Pullman


Amanda said...

Doing fantastic!

Care said...

I've been wanting to try de Lint. (someday) CHEERS!

Hoarders Extraordinaire said...

yeah we made it this far!!!

Nise' said...

You are doing great! Hang in there.

Ana S. said...

I so need to reread HDM again.

Go Rhinoa! You're going great.

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

You're doing great! Congrats on the 3 books.

Kim L said...

That's cool that you are able to finish up a challenge! I bet it feels nice. Keep it strong!

Kailana said...

Congrats on completing your third book since I last visited!

soleil said...

your page count is awesome!
i have a de lint book in my stack. i spontaneously picked it up at the library since you rave about de lint, i thought i would check him out.
i am with you on the anne rice books.

Anonymous said...

de lint has been on my list forever. i'm glad you've used this as an excuse to read his work!

and i completely agree with you on anne rice and pullman. (especially the pullman)!

happy reading! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for participating in my mini-challenge. Like I said to Care, I'm always conflicted about rereading because there are so many books that I haven't read. Still, I love my comfort books, and I'm glad to see your list.