Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dingo - Charles de Lint

Rating : 3.5/5
Number of Pages : 213
Format : Teenage Fiction, Fantasy
Reason for Reading : 999 Challenge, because I love Charles de Lint!

Firstly how can you not fall in love with the cover? I have searched for who the artist is but can't find a reference anywhere. I did find that the girl is his niece Kmoré as the model who seems extremely beautiful. The tale follows Miguel who is in high school. He falls hard and fast for new girl in town Lainey. She has just moved from Australia with her step father and dog Em to just outside Newford (a regular setting well known to Charles de Lint fans). Miguel finds her hard to fathom at first as one day there is a major connection between them, but the next she is blank and seems like a different person entirely.

School bully Johnny is also hanging around her, always following at a distance. When both boys start to have dreams about being in the Autralian outback talking to a man trapped in a tree they have to talk to each other and try to figure out just what is going on. Everything seems centered around the dog who is in fact a dingo and it turns out that Lainey and Em are more than your average girl and her dog. Animal archetypes and ancestors soon make their appearance and it is up to the boys to help. There is always a price though and will it be too much for Miguel and Johnny.

I have tried not to give too much away. I very quickly guessed the truth about Lainey and Em but that did not spoil my enjoyment of the tale. A beautiful mixture of myth and fantasy that de Lint is famous for. Honestly though it is not my favourite of his novels so far. I think looking back that it is because the narrator is male. Funnily enough he seems to write his female characters more realistic and understandable than his male ones. A short read, it is a stand alone novel and recommended for young teenagers upwards.


Kailana said...

I read this book recently, too! I just haven't reviewed it, which is really no surprise!

Jill said...

I felt the same way about this one as you did. I think my favorite YAs of his are The Blue Girl and The Dreaming Place. They are all enjoyable, of course, though! And I agree - the cover is beautiful.

Ladytink_534 said...

I've said it before many times but I really must read one of this author's books! I really like all of the covers on his books so far :)

Carl V. Anderson said...

The cover is by Scott Fischer:

He does some really amazing work. His cover for Little Grrrl Lost, also by de Lint, is fabulous, as are his covers for Scott C. Wright's books and Ann Aguirre's books.

Rhinoa said...

Kailana - You read so fast it's no wonder you don't get around to reviewing everything!

Darla - I haven't read The Dreaming Place yet, but one day I will have read everything he has had published. It's my mission :)

Ladytink - You would really like him I am sure. I hope you do give him a try at some point.

Carl - Thanks so much for the link. I searched everywhere and I just couldn't fin a reference to the artist. I have Little Grrl Lost to read before the end of the year and it is another fantastic cover. I will check out the other authors he does covers for.

Alice said...

I have quite enjoyed this one when I read it. It's my first de Lint book and I haven't any others by him. :)

soleil said...

i checked this book out (and little grrl lost) after the readathon since you were reading it and liked it. also you always rave about charles de lint.

Ana S. said...

The cover really is gorgeous. And even if not the best De Lint, this still sounds very enjoyable!

Jeane said...

I looked up the cover artist from the jacket copy of my library book. It's Scott Fischer- his work is here and it's amazing!