Thursday, April 02, 2009

Arthurian Challenge Wrap Up

Sorry my wrap up is slightly late, I am currently in Ireland at a conference and only have internet whilst at the conference so am sneaking this post in quickly! This challenge was hosted by Becky with a special blog set up for reviews here. The aim was to read between 6 and 12 books based on or around the Arthurian myths, legends and characters. It ran between April 1st 2008 and March 31st 2009.

I origianlly picked 12 books but only managed to finish 6 so will have to think about signing up again next year. What I read were:

1. The Once and Future King - TH White
2. Sir Gawain: Knight of the Goddess - John Matthews
3. Camelot's Shadow - Sarah Zettle
4. Camelot's Honour - Sarah Zettle
5. Camelot's Sword - Sarah Zettle
6. Camelot's Blood - Sarah Zettle

I love Arthurian mythology and will definitely be reading the 6 I didn't get around to at some point even if I don't sign up for next year's challenge. The Camelot series was my favourite and I think I enjoyed Camelot's Honour the most of the four.


Kailana said...

I thought the Zettel was only a trilogy. Good to know it is a quartet! I might read that series this year... I have two of the books, so just have to get the other two.

Ana S. said...

Looking forward to your review of The Once and Future King!