Monday, March 09, 2009

Sucker for Punnishment

Yes I know I know, I am signing up for another 2 challenges. How could I resist they look great!

Hosted at Morbid Romantic with the following rules:

The 666 challenge is called so because the requirements are this:
1.) You must choose 6 of the categories below.
2.) For each category, you must read 6 books for each.
3.) You must read at least 6 different authors.

Do you have to read 36 books, though? No. Some books can certainly be put under multiple categories. For example, Twilight has both vampire and werewolves, so that can be put under both categories.

The categories are:

Human’s with special powers (like psychic, telepathy, telekinesis, etc).
Creatures from other worlds
Horror creatures/Monsters
Paranormal creatures/events

You can even come up with your own and submit them. I have put my categories in the right side bar and I will fill my books in as I read them.

This one is hosted by Not Enough Books and the challenge is to read at least one cozy mystery a month between 1/4/09 and 30/9/09. You need to sign up before 1st April (see the link above) and everyone who compeltes the challenge wins a handmade bookmark which is pretty cool. I am hoping to read more of the Bath and Body series as well as finally getting around to some Charlaine Harris.


Unknown said...

Thanks for joining! I really like the Sookie series and the Harper series by Harrison. Is the bath and body series by India Ink? I read them all and really enjoyed them.

Alice said...

This one sounds great. I have the complete set of Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse books. Not sure if I'd like to join but maybe, just maybe I would...

Ana S. said...

That IS pretty cool! I wish I'd thought of that for my mini-challenge :P

Rhinoa said...

Kris - No problem, I am looking forward to trying something new. Yes it is the series by India Ink and I have lots of Charlaine Harris to choose from!

Alice - Go on you know you want to... ;)

Nymeth - Ohh are you doing a mini challenge and I have not been paying enough attention. Must go check!

Unknown said...

Hi, just wanted to welcome you to my vampire challenge! Of course it's not too late to join in :-) I prefer to stop finishing sign ups in late September or early October - what use is it joining a challenge when you're in the last quarter of the year...

I see you joined both the 666 Reading Challenge and the Cozy Mystery Challenge - I take part in those as well :-)

Stephanie said...

Both of these look like WAY too much fun!! I just wish I had the time to join some more challenges!!

soleil said...

you keep joining very cool challenges that entice me. i just joined the 666 challenge too. i couldn't resist, i love paranormal books.

Ladytink_534 said...

I thought about joining both of these too. Have fun!

Rhinoa said...

Kathrin - Thanks I will put up a post in a minute. I love vampires and it will no hardhsip at all to read 2. I found both of these challenges from links on your blog so thank you for posting about them.

Stephenie - I am not sure I Have tim eeither, but am giving them a go as they look so much fun.

Tink - There is always time to sign up still... :)

Jehera - Yay for joiing more challenges!

Unknown said...

Glad you like t, Rhinoa :-) I'll link to the post once I found it. I figured with so many long and specific reading challenges some shorter ones would be a nice idea to loosen my reading up a bit...

samantha.1020 said...

I've been thinking about joining the Cozy Mystery challenge as well. There are just so many good challenges out there :)