Monday, March 23, 2009

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 51
Format : Children's Fairy Tale
Reason for Reading : 999 Challenge, one of my mum's favourite books

This book is now sadly extremely hard to find. It is written and illustrated by Grace Lodge (she did some illustrations for Enid Blyton) and tells the story of Molly and John. As children they find Puddledock Farm and say they will get married as adults and live there. True to their word they take over the farm despite the villiagers not helping out due to the stories that it is overun by fairies. They manage fine for a while, but the work becomes too much and they advertise for a farm hand.

Eventally out of the blue young boy Scut turns up to help them out. He wears a tall pointy hat and won't come into the farm house or eat with Molly and John. John finds him rude, but he does such a great job helping out around the farm that this is soon overlooked. Scut is very upset one day though when John comes home with 3 rabbits he has shot in Puddledock Wood. Scut says he can shoot rabbits anywhere but not the wood and bursts into tears. Only to Molly will he reveal the truth and his real nature.

This is such a charming book with beautiful illustrations and story. Scut is a lovely character and Jim Hawker is a mean villian in the story once Molly and John have a young son. If you see this secon hand, grab it I promise it is well worth it and will probably be a bargain.


Jill said...

This does sound fun - I'll keep my eyes out for it!

Melody said...

Sounds like a gem to me! I'll look out for this one despite the difficulty. ;)

mariel said...

sounds lovely!

Unknown said...

If anyone is interested in this book contact me on It was my mother's as a child, given to her. Year: 1947 / very good condition / By Grace Lodge.


Murrays said...

Would love to buy a copy of this book - I lent our copy to a 'friend' who never returned it. Been looking for a looong time.

CarriKP said...

I loved this book as a child and would really like to find it again.

Sarah said...

We have a copy of this book, given to my daughter by my Dad who was given it in 1950 by his Aunt. It is truly lovely and very treasured and so unfortunately for some of you, not for sale, sorry. Sarah