Sunday, March 08, 2009

Gossamer - Lois Lowry

Rating : 4.5/5
Number of Pages : 154
Format : Young Adult Novel
Reason for Reading : 999 Challenge and I love Lois Lowry

Littlest One is the newest of her kind and the most curious. When spending time learning from others of her kind she is constantly asking questions about who they are, what they are and is always causing mischief. Littlest One has a good heart though and a fine touch like gossamer. Her role is to learn how to collect fragments from the houses of humans, put those fragments together and bestow dreams without waking the human or getting caught. They are also able to give dreams to animals.

Working against Littlest One's folk are the Sinisteeds who colletively form the Horde. Littlest One works in the house of an elderly woman and her dog Toby. A young boy, John, comes to stay with her brought by a social worker with an aggressive and volatile background. It is up to Littlest One to keep him safe from the Sinisteeds and try to bring some joy back to his shattered life.

This is such a beautiful little book that I highly recommend. Littlest One is adorable and I loved the others of her race, even the slightly grumpier ones. The way dreams are put together and bestowed on people was really touching and I find myself waking suddenly and checking to see if anyone is near by bestowing a dream on me or my husband. It was a lovely touch that Littlest One was also able to give dreams to animals as any pet owner could testify animals do look they are dreaming at times. A truely touching novel from one of the best children's authors around.


samantha.1020 said...

I've been meaning to read more from this author as I LOVED The Giver. Great review!

Ana S. said...

She is indeed one of the best. I'm glad you loved this as much as I did.

Staci said...

This is one of her best and I absolutely loved it!! Makes you think about your dreams just a little bit different now doesn't it?

Melody said...

Yes, I enjoyed this book too! :D

Alice said...

I loved this book!

Kailana said...

Once I read Messenger, I am going to see about reading this book.

Robin said...

Isn't it a beautiful little story. I love her work!