Monday, March 02, 2009

February Summary

I am still doing really well with the 999 Challenge, but do need to get started on most of the others. I should finish at least one more Arthurian book in March and complete the challenge, although it seems highly unlikely I will read all 12 I wanted to. I aim to finish what I don't have time for as part of the Mythology category of the 999 Challenge as they are all on my Not Yet Read list anyway. Let's see how much my reading slows down now I am back toworking full time again...

Books Read = 19, Total = 37
Pages Read = 4504, Total = 8952
Manga Challenge : 1/6 plus 5 alternatives
Scott Westerfeld Mini Challenge : 0/3
Arthurian Challenge : 5/12 (6 minimum)
Book Awards Reading Challenge II : 7/10
What's in a Name Challenge II : 2/6
Challenge with Nymeth : 0/5
Challenge with Mariel : 0/5
The Dream King Challenge : 0/3
999 Challenge : 21/81
Graphic Novel Challenge II : 0/12
Guardian Challenge : 38/50


Kailana said...

You had a pretty good reading month! Good luck with all those challenges!

Kailana said...
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Melody said...

Wow, I'm in awed! You read a lot, Rhinoa! :)

Ladytink_534 said...

Wow! You had a GREAT month!

Alice said...

21 books from your 999 pile! You are doing fabulously well!

Debi said...

Wow! You had an incredible month!!!