Monday, February 02, 2009

January Summary

Lets see how 2009 started reading wise. I got off to a really good start reading 18 books (the sames as January in 2008 incidentally). I am not working at the moment so am not expecting to keep this up all year. I made a good start on the 999 challenge, but really do need to get stuck in to the Arthurian Challenge which ends 31st March. Over all though a really good start to the year.

Books Read = 18
Pages Read = 4448

Manga Challenge : 1/6 plus 2 alternatives
Scott Westerfeld Mini Challenge : 0/3
Arthurian Challenge : 3/12 (6 minimum)
Book Awards Reading Challenge II : 5/10
What's in a Name Challenge II : 1/6
Challenge with Nymeth : 0/5
Challenge with Mariel : 0/5
The Dream King Challenge : 0/3
999 Challenge : 10/81
Guardian Challenge : 36/50


Stephanie said...

You are amazing!! 18 books in one month is fantastic!! And you are just too darned organized as far as your wrap-ups go.

Hopefully, February will be just as good!

Ana S. said...

A very good start indeed! I also want to work on the Arthurian Challenge this month and the next. I only need to finish The Dark is Rising to officially complete it, but I have a couple of "extras" I'd love to get to.

Alice said...

18 books! And you've covered 10 books from your 999 Challenge. I salute you.

Happy reading in February!

mariel said...

Seriously! 18 books already! I kneel before you oh great reading one. ;)

samantha.1020 said...

Wow! What a great month of reading you had. Hope that you are able to have a good month in February as well :)

Melody said...

Wow! You read a lot of books, Rhinoa!

Let's hope February will be a better reading month for all of us! :D