Sunday, January 04, 2009

Rating : 3.5/5
Number of Pages : 172
Series : #6 Worst Witch
Format : Children's Novel
Reason for Reading : 999 Challenge, to continue with the series

Mildred Hubble has a great feeling about the new term at Miss Cackle's Academy. She has a great holiday project where she has written a spall allowing animals to speak for 14 days (after which time they can never speak again). Ethel Hallows (her nemesis) is actually being nice to her and her first class of the term is pottery with the new teacher Miss Mould. Mildred has an aptitude for creative arts and she can already picture the merits she will be awarded and the approval she will gain from Miss Hardbroom.

Of course things so not run smoothly for the notorius worst witch. Ethel has her own devious reasons for being nice to Mildred, culminating in her hiding Mildred's extra forbidden pet in a tall tree outside the school grounds in a storm. It becomes a race against time for Mildred to prove her innocence and gain the trust and honour of Miss Hardbroom and the rest of the school.

A fun new installment to this classic series, I hope there are more to come. I love Jill Murphy's illustrations and this short novel was no exception.


mariel said...

I just love that Murphy is still writing worst witch stories! I loved them as a young girl and hope that kids of many generations continue to read them. (i confess to spending the hp5 book launch dressed up as mildred hubble!).

Ana S. said...

I had forgotten that I wanted to read this series (I can't remember when I first heard of it, actually), so thanks for reminding me.