Friday, January 02, 2009

Dream King Challenge

Blame Nymeth for this one. Like her I was all maxed out on challenges this year, but then I saw this one. I read quite a lot of Gaiman all things considered last year and was planning on reading some more in 2009 anyway. It is hosted by Jessi here and there is a challenge blog here.

Of the options I will go for Acolyte: Read three works (from three different categories) and watch one movie. I am not going to pick my actual choices yet, but here are some of my options.

Graphic Novel (probably something Sandman related)
Short Story Collection (Fragile Things)
Young Adult (I have M is for Magic, Odd and the Frost Giants and The Wolves in the Walls at home already that I haven't yet read)
Novels (Good Omens would be my choice here as I have already read his others)
Movies (I have Neverwhere to watch at home)

Should be fun!


mariel said...

Another challenge! Do it do it!

Ana S. said...

I'm more than fine with being blamed for this :P

Debi said...

Nymeth is to blame for a lot of things, isn't she? ;)

jessi said...

I'm glad Nymeth convinced you to join! :) I've sent you an invite to post on the blog; if you don't get it, let me know.

Alice said...

Ya I blame Nymeth too. She has been feeding me and I'm sure, lots of other people, with her delicious book reviews that leads to more piggy bank 'pain'. Bad Nymeth. LOL.

Should I? Should I join this one too???

Melody said...

LOL. Nymeth is a great influence to us when it comes to reading challenges and books!!