Sunday, August 03, 2008

Uglies - Scott Westerfeld

Rating : 4.5/5
Number of Pages : 425
Number in Series : #1 Uglies
Reason for Reading : End of the World Challenge, Irresitible Review Challenge, numerous recommendations since I started blogging

Tally Youngblood is just a few months away from turning 16 and starting her new life as a Pretty. Pretties not only get to be super model gorgeous but also get to have all the fun, live in the best housing and go to all the best parties. Her best friend Peris has already been changed and Tally is the last of her group left. One night she meets Shay, another Ugly, who it turns out shares the same birthday as her. Shay however isn't looking forward to the operation that changes you, that shaves your bones down, gives you life long laser eye surgery as well as implants under the iris changing the colour, sucks out your fat or fills you out of you are too thin, that puts plastic implants in your cheeks and other changes. Shay wants to run away and take Tally with her.

Shay keeps her promise and runs away leaving a coded series of instructions for Tally to follow if she changes her mind. On her birthday Tally goes for her operation, but is taken to one side by the much discussed but rarely seen Specials and given a choice. She is told to either infiltrate the rebel camp where Shay is (the Specials do not understand Shay's code) and turn them in or they will never make her into a Pretty and reunite her with her best friend.

Along the way more about the Pretties and the operation is revealed which shows it is not just an operation that causes physical changes but mental and behavioural ones as well. The story of how the world became this utopian/dystopian society came about also slowly unfolds. It ends on a big cliff hanger leading nicely into the second in the series, Pretties, which I am definitely looking forward to.

I really enjoyed this first installment in the Ugly series. Lots of twists and turns, interesting ideas and a fun main character. Tally slowly learns that Uglies are just regular people and slowly changes her mind about becomming a Pretty and what true beauty is. I can't wait for book two!

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Ana S. said...

I've been hearing great things about this series lately. One more for the wishlist. Recently I decided not to start any more new series until I finish at least some of the ones I have going, but we'll see how long that lasts :P

Debi said...

I keep meaning to read this, but can't ever seem to get around to it. You've made it sound like quite the fun read though...I may need to go dig it out of the stacks.

Unknown said...

I *still* haven't read this series. I sounds soooo good! I even took this out of the library once but got overwhelmed with too huge a library pile I ended up taking it back unread.

Thanks for the great review. I must move this up on my library wish list.

Andi said...

Gah! I'm so out of the loop! I haven't even touched this series, and it seems like everyone loves it!

Carl V. Anderson said...

What an interesting cover image! I've seen the other covers for his books, which I do really like, but this one is really fun, and sort of creepy and I like it too. I really need to/want to get into this series.

Ladytink_534 said...

Wow. I had just heard a few things about the book but this sounds amazing.

Stephanie said...

Oh...I really need to get on the stick and read this! I have it here. Just no time!! I did just finish a really good YA book about the "end of the world" kind of thing.

soleil said...

for some reason i thought you had read this already. i loved this book. each book gets better and more interesting. looking forward to your thoughts on the rest. oh and in case you couldn't tell, i finished the sweep series. i really really liked that last book that took place several years in the future. it had so many twists and it was so awesome to see morgan fully grown into her powers. thanks again for getting me hooked on cate tiernan. :) does she have any other books out?

Lightheaded said...

This is a belated comment, I just found your review from another blog. So hello! I think I've dropped a few comments here sometime ago.

Anyway, I think you'll definitely enjoy the succeeding books in the series. I just finished the fourth book from the trilogy (hahaha) last week and all my posts are up.

Here's my link to my thoughts on Uglies. I'll add your link in mine.

Rhinoa said...

Lightearted - Thanks I have added your link and will check out your blog this week.