Friday, July 25, 2008

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 307
Number in Series : #1 Cassandra Palmer Series
Reason for Reading : TBR Challenge 08, First in a Series Challenge, comes recommenede by Patricia Briggs and Kelley Armstrong

The first in a new urban fantasy series. Cassandra (Cassie) Palmer is a clairvoyant in hiding from a vampire master. He had her parents killed when she was very young so he could use her powers to gain more money and power whilst assuring her he was doing good with the knowledge. One day she has a vision and sees what really happened so she runs away. She comes back realising she needs revenge and plans on how to take him down by human rather than supernatural means.

It seems he has now found her when one day Cassie reads her own obituary on her computer monitor. She runs to warn her housemate but is attaked at the club where he works by a group of vampires. Another group of vampires working for the Senate come to her rescue (including some very famous names), but the help comes at a high price. Her secret weapon is that she can communicate with ghosts which comes in very handy at times, especially as vampies cannot see ghosts. Any help she can get is especialy helpful when dealing with mad vampires, war mages, the fey, witches and even other humans.

It took me a little while to get into this book. It's very fast paced and the real story took a little while to emerge which made it quite confusing to begin with. When the story did take shape, I found it very difficult to put it down and became engrossed. It ends on a real cliff hanger much to my annoyance! I will just have to read the next one (Claimed by Shadow)...

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Unknown said...

Oh goody - a new vampire book! I love reading the supernatural genre. Great review! I'm going to try and find this one.

Melody said...

I've this book in my pile! Just haven't got around to reading it yet!! I hope you'll get to read the next instalment soon! ;)

Jill said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed this (especially because I've been plugging the series so much - I just love it!). I found the beginning a bit confusing, too, but once I got into it, I couldn't put it down, either. I know you'll love the next one!

Kristi said...

This sounds great! I love your reviews, so I wanted to pass on a couple of bloggy awards to you. You can pick up your awards here ;o). Happy reading!

Rhinoa said...

Bobbi - I hope you find and enjoy it.

Melody - I hope I find time soon to see what happens next. There are 3 books out at the moment and a fourth planned for 2009.

Darla - I updated my post and linked to your review. Grr I should have put this on my Irresitible Challenge Review challenge too!

Kristi - Thanks so much, will put up a post about them over the weekend hopefully.

Literary Feline said...

I've heard good things about Karen Chance and need to give her books a try. Thanks for a great review!

Ladytink_534 said...

Wow! Sounds great!!!