Monday, June 30, 2008

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 176
Reason for Reading : What's in a Name Challenge, I am a big Kevin Smith fan

Acclaimed film director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma etc) is back with another comic book series. This time the subject of his pen is Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and The Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) who team up to find "Mr Brownstone" who is at the bottom of a series of unexplained murders. Over the city people are ODing from heroin, but they have no track marks from injecting or evidence of having consumed the drug.

There is pronounced sexual tension between the old lovers, even though Peter Parker is now married to MJ. Felicia is back in town after a model friend of hers has gone missing who was linked to a young hot movie star who is a heroin user. Along the way to finding the identity of Mr Brownstone a variety of comic book heros and villians are enlisted including Daredevil, one of the X-Men and Scorpia. There are lots of funny references to some of the characters more diverse back stories from comic book fan Smith.

It contains Smith's usual wit with lots of popular culture references and witty put downs. The story takes a series tone about half way through when the subject of rape becomes a central theme for two of the characters who have both suffered abuse in the past. The ending is left with an opening to a follow up, but I am not sure if it will be written by Smith as this graphic novel took so long to finish. A fun read for Smith and comic book fans with a more serious message.


heather (errantdreams) said...

I haven't read many comic books lately, but this one's tempting...

Ana S. said...

I love the sound of this one!

PS: Welcome back :)

Carl V. Anderson said...

This one took FOREVER to get completed. I remember asking my comic book guy if I had somehow missed out on an issue or two back when it had its long hiatus between issues. I enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect, but it was good and I loved the art.