Friday, June 06, 2008

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 469
Number in Series : #1 Black Magician Trilogy
Reason for Reading : First in a Series Reading Challenge, TBR Challenge 2008, numerous recommendation

Welcome to the city of Imardin in the land of Kyralia. Here the rich are seperated from the poor (the dwells) and a King rules over them all. Also in the city are Magician's, trained from the rich Houses where they have their own guild and serve the King for the good of the city (not that the poor believe this). Every year there is a purge where many of the poor, crippled and thieves are driven from the city by the Magician's on behalf of the King. The dwells obviously are not happy about this and the youths gather to throw stones at the Magician's invisibe shields even though they know they have no effect.

One year young girl Sonea (a dwell) joins the other youths in throwing stones. She puts all her anger into it before launching it towards the Magician's. Against all the odds a flash of blue light apears and it penetrates the barrier, knocking the Magician unconscious. She escapes the search after being spotted by a still conscious Magician, but a full scale search begins. She is hidden by the thieves for a time along with her friend Cery, but as time goes on her magic becomes more out of control and it turns out if she isn't taught by a trained Magician her powers will become a danger to her and the rest of the city.

Not the most original of plots by any means, it is the authors writing that holds your interest and brings you in to the story. I found the second half of the novel much more interesting than the first, where Sonea starts to really learn about magic and what can be achieved rather than just running and hiding. I will definitely be continuing with the series as I am intrigued to read more about Sonea, Cery, Lords Rothen and Dannyl as well as The High Lord and his Administrator.


Ana S. said...

It's always admirable when the author manages to make the book gripping despite the plot not being very original. Sounds like a good series!

mariel said...

I did enjoy this book, but didn't run out to get the next one, and its been almost 3 years now! I may have been distracted at the time though, watching humpback whales in Australia was far too much fun!! Glad you like it!

Literary Feline said...

I am glad you gave this one a try, Rhinoa. I enjoyed this book, but agree with you that it wasn't all that original. I thought the two to follow were better.