Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 49
Series : Part of His Dark Materials Series
Reason for Reading : Series Challenge II, I love His Dark Materials and I wanted to revisit the series

Lyra and Pantalaimon are back in this short story "Lyra and the Birds" set in Lyra's Oxford. Sitting on the roof one day they spot a daemon bird making it's way towards them being pursued by a group of starlings. They wave it over towards them, rescue it and take it back to Lyra's room to find out why it was looking for them and who it is. As it is a bird daemon it must be associated with a witch, they are the only ones besides Lyra and Pan who can be seperated from their daemon. His name is Ragi and his witch is called Yelena Pazhets.

Ragi tells them he is looking for an alchemist in the city somewhere named Sebastian Makepeace. He is the only one able to make a cure for Ragi's witch who is suffering from a strangte new illness that kills the witch but leaves the daemon alive. Lyra and Pan agree to help, but something feels wrong to them and they remain suspicious of Ragi and his story.

A charming tale and a welcome return to Lyra and Pan. There are references to Will which made me sad all over again at the ending of the final book The Amber Spyglass. This short story also contains maps, postcards and random information about Lyra's Oxford making this a lovely book to own. A must for all fans of His Dark Materials.


Ana S. said...

It made me sad all over again too. I really need to re-read the whole series. I miss it.

mariel said...

I did like this, but was somewhat disappointed by it. Probably because I was working in the bookshop at the time and there was a lot of buzz in the industry about the Book of Dust supposedly being published. I probably just wanted more than Pullman was willing to offer at the time! Nice story, but made me a little sad too. I have heard great things about Once Upon a Time in the North though!

Alice said...

I like and dislike the series both at the same time...