Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 200
Number in Series : #1 Vampire Doll
Reason for Reading : I needed a V book for the A~Z Challenge!

The first in a manga series following vampire Guilt-na-Zan. He was imprisoned by an exorcist into a cross 100 years ago. One of the original exorcists decendents (Kyoji) decides to unleash him again upon the world and releases him from his prison. There is one catch, he doesn't release him into his origianl male, vampire body. instead Guilt-na-Za is released into the body of a pretty girl doll and is now referred to as Guilt-na. The worst of it is he/she was only resurrected as Kyoji needed a maid to clean up after him!

As the plot progresses it turns out he is able to get his origianl body with all it's powers and strengths back for short periods of time by drinking the blood of Kyoji's sister, Tonae. He needs to do this a couple of times as Kyoji's idiot twin brother Kyoichi is trying to steal Guilt-na so he can have his/her power. Another cross is found containing Vincent who turns out to be a long lost friend of Guilt-na-Zan. As well as being foreced to be a maid, Guilt-na-Zan is also sent to take on a demon at the local school who is absorbing wickedness from the pupils and making the boys fall in love with each other.

Good fun but it got very confusing when the demon at the school appeared which let it down. There were some strange references to Kyoji liking pretty young girls and not women, but that might just be a cultural or translational difficulty. There were some extra comics strips at the back with some funny notes in the margins by the author which I enjoyed. Seems she is a big fan of deserts as well as manga!