Wednesday, May 07, 2008

This challenge was held by Callapidder Days and the original details are here. The challenge rran from 20/3/08 until 19/6/08 and I finished a little early. I decided to read some of the manga I have been gathering:

1. Bizenghast v1 - M Alice LeGrow
2. Bizenghast v2 - M Alice LeGrow
3. Bizenghast v3 - M Alice LeGrow
4. Bizenghast v4 - M Alice LeGrow
5. Return to Labyrinth v1 - Jake T Forbes & Chris Lie
6. Return to Labyrinth v2 - Jake T Forbes & Chris Lie
7. Legends of the Dark Crystal v1 - Barbara Randall Kesel, Heidi Arnhold & Max Kim

It is really difficult to pick a favourite and I don't think I can because I enjoyed them all. I recommend them to all fantasy and gothic lovers out there. If you haven't tried reading manga before I can highly recommend any of these as a start.


Ana S. said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge! Now thanks to you I want to read all of those :P

Rhinoa said...

Nymeth - Thanks. Yep I think you should read them all. They are quick and easy reads and definitely books I think you would enjoy.

Alice said...

Congratulations on the completion! You're way ahead of time and I still many more to go. I really must speed up. Been slow lately and kept reading other books from those I set apart for the challenge. LOL.