Monday, May 05, 2008

Series Challenge Wrap Up

This challenge was hosted by Crazy Cosy Murders running between 1/12/07 - 31/5/08, with the deatils posted here and here. The challenge was to get up to date with series you are currently reading. There was no limit as to how many books you picked and how many series you wanted to finish. My list and links to reviews is below:

1. Kelley Armstrong - Broken (Women of the Otherworld)
2. Kelley Armstrong - No Humans Involved (Woman of the Otherworld)
3. Terry Pratchett - Going Postal (Discworld)
4. Terry Pratchett - Thud! (Discworld)
5. Holly Black - Ironside (Modern Tales of Faerie)
6. Stepehnie Meyer - New Moon (Twilight)
7. Stephenie Meyer - Eclipse (Twilight)
8. Juliet Marillier - Foxmask (Children of the Light Isles)

It's quite difficult to pick a favourite book, but it would have to be either Ironside by Holly Black or Foxmask by Juliet Marillier. These are my two favourite series as well. There is a follow up, Series Challenge II, which I have signed up for and am looking forward to starting in June. A lot of the books I read tend to be part of series and I have a lot of catching up still to do...


Ana S. said...

I have to read the Children of the Light Isles series. I stayed up late last night finishing Daughter of the Forest (I don't know how late because after a while I thought it'd be wiser not to scare myself by looking at the time) and it's all your fault :P

Rhinoa said...

Nymeth - Make sure you read the other two books in the series before moving on to Children of the Light Isles. There is another Sevenwaters book planned soon as well. I am assuming you stayed up as you were enjoting it? I like being a bad influence reading wise (and otherwise!). :)

Literary Feline said...

Congratulations on completing the challenge! I had hoped to read more than I did for this challenge, but I purposefully didn't make a list of books to read, leaving it open ended. Maybe a part of me knew that my reading would take a different turn this year. :-)

Susan said...

Congratulations on finishing this challenge! I am still resisting the pull....I must resist! But, I just started Emily of New Moon by LM Montgomery and I really want to read the other two in the series, so that would qualify me for the challenge....*sigh* they might as well tape a challenge bullseye to my blog!!! Really, congratulations on getting this challenge done. and fantasy books tend to come in series, don't they? so there's always more to read there!