Friday, May 02, 2008

Rating : 4.5/5
Number of Pages : 200
Number in Series : #2 Death Note
Reason for Reading : I really loved the first one and wanted to see what happened next

This manga follows on directly form the first in the series. Light is still using the Death Note to kill criminals and being followed by Shinigami Ryuk. He uses the Death Note to trick the FBI agent following him into letting him see a file with how many FBI agents are in Japan looking into the Kira case, what they look like and what their names are. Light is then able to use the Death Note to kill them all causing the USA to withdraw it's support from the investigation. One complication he doesn't forsee is that one of the investigators had a Japanese fiance who was once part of the FBI. She spots some connections and clues that the police have missed and is close to figuring out Kira's true identity.

The other main threat to Light/Kira is the mysterious L who has been called in Interpol to investigate the case. Killing the FBI agents forces him to come out into the open and reveal his identity to the small task force unit left on the case in Japan. The team includes Light's father who is heading it. L is getting closer to Light as well, especially when the team install a set of hidden cameras into his house to monitor the family.

A great second installment in the series. I am definitely still interested in reading more and seeing what has happened to Naomi. I like how each installment adds a little more information about the Death Note and the Shinigami causing the plot to thicken. I love that the Shinigami do not know everything about how to use the Death Note and are not compelled to tell the owner of the Death Note anything about it.


heather (errantdreams) said...

Sounds like quite an unusual series!

darkorpheus said...

Oh, I love the Death note series with its plot twists and turns. No spoilers here, but it has a really great mid-series climax.