Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 192
Number in Series : #1 Bizenghast
Reason for Reading : Spring Reading Thing Challenge

Dinah is 8 when she is the only survivor of a car crash which kills both of her parents. The crash looks a little strange, but foul play is ruled out and she is sent to live with her maternal aunt who inherits substantial property in Bizenghast. The property is a series of buildings called St Lyman's School for Boys which used to be a mental hospital. Dinah's aunt is going to have it renovated into a house for them to live in.

A few years later Dinah is living with her aunt who treats her for mental illness and constantly trying to get her committed. Her only friend is local boy Vincent, and it is with him that she stumbles across an undiscovered graveyard in the woods around the town. They find an entrance into a mausoleum and upon entering a plaque. Dinah accidentally signs a contract casuing spider creature Bali-Lali to appear and fill in some of the details of the contract. Dinah now has to wake up 40 spirits that are trapped in the mausoleum by solving riddles and setting them free. If she doesn't fulfil the task or fails to return each night to the mausoleum she will die.

A gothic tale following a girl trying to overcome her fears of the unknown. She has never really settled with her aunt missing her parents fiercly. This is beautifully drawn and I really enjoyed it. There are fairy tale themes throughout the different ghosts tales. Recommended.


Ana S. said...

This is a book I'd probably buy because of the cover even if I had never heard of it before. Absolutely gorgeous. And not that I know what the story is about I want it for other reasons as well.

valentina said...

I've added this to my list of possible choices for the manga challenge!it looks gorgeous, although I'm not sure I'll find it in the shop...