Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekly Geeks

My first post for Weekly Geeks (sorry I am a little slow, I was away at the weekend). The first challenge is to discover new blogs and there is a list of participants to visit. The aim is to pick 5 and leave comments on their blogs letting them know what your thoughts are.

Three people have visited my site so I thought I would return the favour as they are both new to me.

The first was Kim from Page After Page who visited me and luckily liked my site! She has signed up for similar challenges to me and recommends Spindles End by Robin McKinley for the tl;dr challenge which just arrived today! I must go back and read some more of the Once Upon a Time II and Twisted Fairy Tale Challenge reviews.

The second was Kristi at Passion for the Page who is currently reading A Short History of Everything by Bill Bryson which I read last year. From looking at her blog it seems we have some similar paranormal reading habbits.

The third was Kerry Saving my Sanity who also stopped by. She is from New Zealand where I hope to go for a month next year *fingers crossed* She reads, does cross stitch and has a cat which is all very cool. I hope to visit her blog more in the future.

A new blog to me was Mary at This Book is for You. It's funny, she compelted hated Twilight which I really enjoyed! It's interesting reading the review of someone who has a completely different opinion on a book to me :)

My final visit was to Misa, This Redhead Reads. I really like the list she has put up for the tl;dr challenge, a few of which are on my list to read soon. I also liked her Spring Reading Thing list.