Monday, April 21, 2008

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 192
Number in Series : #2 Return to Labyrinth
Reason for Reading : Spring Reading Thing Challenge, Extra for Once Upon a Time II Challenge, to follow Toby's story

Turns out that after Sarah defeated the Goblin King and returned to our world with her baby brother Toby, the Goblin King began to lose many of his powers. The Pathmaker moves the walls of the Labyrinth without rhyme or reason, the bog of eternal stench bubbles over and his enemies grow bold amassing their armies in the fields of Gnor. The goblins claim he has lost control over the Labyrinth. He makes a journey to Mizumi, the Queen of Moraine and stikes a bargain with her. If he wins he keeps the ablation and if he fails the Labyrinth, the Goblin Kingdom and it's King are hers to do with as she pleases.

Now that Jareth has abdicated and named Toby as his heir, he needs to undergo a series of lessons before his coronation. These include economics (hoarding), drama (How to stick out his chest), PE (duelling) and philosophy (riddles, puzzles and conundrums). Mizumi has also offered to teach him magic, although it is more likely to serve her own purposes than his. He excels in all areas but has trouble with magic. He seems to have raw talent but is unsure how to focus it at will.

Jareth and Mizumi were once very much in love. For some reason though Jareth looked himself away from her and created the Labyrinth as an external expression of his power. The Labyrinth is a living thing ruled over by the Pathmaker and if Toby can find it's lair he can gain control of it. That is unless Mizumi finds a way to take this power first.

Meanwhile fairy Hana is still searching for her missing wings in the castle. She takes Stank, who turns out to be a baby version of Ludo able to move stones and rocks, and Moppet. They find a secret room which evokes hidden memories from Moppet's past and whilst escaping from Mizumi's daughers Moulin and Drumlin, her mask falls off revealing her to look just like Sarah Toby's sister. Back on earth in the middle of a rain storm, Jareth turns up on Sarah's doorstep.

Again beautifully illustrated, this time with a guest art gallary at the end. The story moved on nicely and I am looking forward to the next installment in the series. It links in nicely with the film and there are still lots of questions that need answering as well as a couple of mysterious lizard people who appear right at the end of this manga.