Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 294
Number in Series : #1 Daughters of the Moon
Reason for Reading : Young Adult Reading Challenge, First in a Series Challenge, I was interested after reading the blurb on the back

The first book in this magical teen series follows Vanessa who can turn invisible and her friend Catty who can travel up to 24 hours forwards or backwards in time. Vanessa has had the distinct feeling lately that the shadows are following her so Catty turns time back to investigate. They are able to find that she was being followed but cannot tell who it is. Catty begins to practise her time travelling, leapfrogging in time so she can travel back a number of days. Something goes wrong and she never reappears leaving Vanessa worried she has been trapped in the "time tunnel" or it is something to do with the mysterious shadows.

New girls Serena and Jimena have their own secrets and try to help Vanessa steer clear of danger and find Catty. They introduce her to Maggie who seems able to teach her more about her gift and where it came from. It all seems linked to the silver moon pendents her and Catty have had since birth. Maggie also tells her about Atrox, the original evil force who convinced Lucifer to fall. It has shadow human followers that consume hope having had theirs removed, but if you do one a genuine act of kindness it cannot harm you. On top of all this Vanessa has just begun dating local hunk Michael and finds that everytime she kisses him her body rebels and starts to turn invisible!

It sounded so like Charmed I put off getting this series at first, but I am glad I gave it a chance as it is quite different. The power of invisibility isn't quite what I expected, it's more her molecules come apart and she disappears and moves like dust motes through the air which I found quite beautiful. I liked the four female leads and am interested to find out more about Stanton and Michael, I feel Vanessa will be torn between the two in later books. It was definitely a good start to the series and I hope to read the next one soon.


Kim said...

Lovely site Rhinoa! I am visiting you as part of Weekly Geeks and I have enjoyed myself immensely. You have a beautiful site.
(page after page)

Kristi said...

I've also come over from Weekly Geeks. You have a beautiful blog and lots of books I'd like to read (including this one)! My TBR pile is getting bigger and bigger...

~Kristi (Passion for the Page)

Kerry said...

I'm here as a Weekly Geek as well! I really like your site and look forward to reading more of her posts. Wow you are doing so well with your reading challenges. I am in awe.

Jill said...

I've been meaning to try this series for ages - thanks for the review (don't you love it when someone is a guinea pig for you?) :-)

soleil said...

i'm really glad you liked this book. i thought you might. i just finished reading Like A Charm by Candace Havens (the same author as Charmed and Dangerous) and it was really good! i think you would like that also.