Monday, March 24, 2008

No more book buying...

I have been inspired by Ames at Thifty Reader to try to curtail my book buying which is pretty out of hand lately. I have such a massive TBR list (pile doesn't come close...) I really need to spend the next few years probably catching up. I have made a provisional list of all the books I think I want to get that are due out this year and I will try not to deviate from it and buy extras. Of course things may get added to it as new titles are released, but this will certainly slow me down for a while. These are the paperback release dates for the UK.


Belladonna - Anne Bishop
All Together Dead - Charlaine Harris
The Well of Shades - Juliet Marillier


Slam - Nick Hornby
Voice of the Gods - Trudi Canavan
Embrace the Night - Karen Chance
My Dead Girlfriend v2 - Eric Wright
Succubus on Top - Richelle Mead
Frostbite - Richelle Mead
Midnight Moon - Lori Handeland


Kushiel's Justice - Jacqueline Carey
The Host - Stephenie Meyer was a gift from Mariel
Fables v10 - Bill Willingham
The Darkest Kiss - Keri Arthur
Chosen - PC Cast & Kristin Cast


The Harlequin - Laurell K Hamilton
Girl Meets Boy - Ali Smith
Where the Roads Meet - Salley Vickers


Binu and the Great Wall - Su Tong


Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs
When Twilight Burns - Colleen Gleason


Made to be Broken - Kelley Armstrong
Dark Possession - Christine Feehan


Rising Moon - Lori Handeland


None yet


The Cursed - LA Banks

Others to look out for with no date yet...

Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs
Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer
Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana - Anne Rice
Tangled Webs - Anne Bishop
Dingo - Charles de Lint
Little (Grrrl) Lost - Charles de Lint
Promises to Keep - Charles de Lint


DesLily said...

good luck ! This is probably as easy as it is for a smoker to quit smoking!

Andi said...

I can't wait for Fables v10!!!! Can't wait.

Ana S. said...

Good luck with your decision! I didn't know Slam was coming out in paperback so soon. Must get my hands on that one.

Melody said...

What a dilemma and a hard decision to make, I can totally understand... and I can't wait for some of the titles to be released sooner!

darkorpheus said...

We actually have "Girl Meets Boy" from Ali Smith in the paperback over here. I didn't realise the first UK release was in hardcover.

~ames~ said...

Good stuff! I can't wait for Kushiel's Mercy. I love that series. :P

chrisa511 said...

Heh...finally reached that point, eh? I reached it long ago but it did nothing for me. Well I shouldn't say that. I stopped buying for awhile and I'm still not buying like I used to...but I'm afraid I still come home with bags of books sometimes :/

Literary Feline said...

I hope you have better luck than I did when I gave this a try. I have no impulse control when it comes to buying books, no matter the plans I lay. Ho hum.

Rhinoa said...

Thanks for the encouragment everyone. I know it's going to be difficult as I have rubbish willpower. I think to help I will put up a list at the end of each month of what books I have bought so I can keep track and make sure I am not straying.

Caroline said...

You could do what I do - I have a strict one in-one out policy on all books because we have such a tiny house (except craft books, but that's a different obsession!). I've really found ReadItSwapIt and BookMooch a huge help with it all, and it doesn't cost me as much either. :) GreenMetropolis is great as well, but a bit more expensive than just postage. The only problem is when you find a book you know you'll want to read many times, cos you can't exchange it!

Rhinoa said...

Caroline - I have been trying to leave comments on your craft blog for ages now but they keep getting denied :( I was on the verge of emailing you about it.

The problem I have is wanting to re-read books again and trying to get Alex to read them as well. I did sell a couple on Amazon Marketplace but I can't bear to part with any more! I do have one called Tarot Magic I think (one of the special topics in tarot) if you want it... Let me know.

Caroline said...

*frown* My comments are moderated, that's why they don't show up straight away - I am a bit lazy about logging in, too, so it can be a few days before they appear. But I'm not sure about out-and-out denial - let me know if it happens again.

Tarot Magic - was it Donald Kraig? Purple cover? I think I've had that one and sold it on, wasn't too impressed. Thanks for the offer, anyway :) I am seriously pruning out my Tarot books though, are there any you're looking for?

Rhinoa said...

Caroline - Yes that's the book. I think I am ok for tarot books at the moment, trying not to gather too many more books in general! I will let you know if I get another rejected comment on your blog.